Kotlin App Development Services – An All-Inclusive Solution for Cross

Kotlin App Development Services – An All-Inclusive Solution for Cross-Platform Apps

In a world where everything is moving so fast, releasing the product quickly in the market is crucial. Thousands of startups are launching annually, which makes it more critical to speed up mobile app development. To competitively maintain a considerable outreach, it is vital to choose a platform with cross-platform capabilities. Therefore, creating a universal language that works the same across all platforms is the only solution.

Here comes the Kotlin programming language, which is an alternative to well-established ones. But with its positive outcomes, it evolved into one of the popular languages across many platforms. Let’s discuss Kotlin app development services and how it is an all-inclusive solution for cross-platform apps:

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Kotlin Programming Language – A Brief Walkthrough

Kotlin is a powerful general-purpose, statically-typed, and open-source programming language. Two pivotal features of Kotlin are object-oriented and functional programming. Kotlin extensively works with server-side apps, android applications, multiple platform mobile app development, and much more. It is interrelated with Java, meaning both languages can share and use information. Kotlin is like Java with some added features. 

Kotlin developers focus on streamlining the code and increasing transparency. In 2011, the announcement related to the Kotlin language came. Later in 2012, Kotlin’s first demo and a new logo were released. Then in 2014, Kotlinlang.org was released along with a few features to increase interoperability with Java. Some more features came up in 2015. 

Jet Brains in Russia developed the Kotlin 1.0 version. They created Kotlin because Jet Brains had become bored with repetitive code. So, they wanted a modern language. But there was an issue that the codes were already in Java language. Shifting to some other language would create a hustle for them. Therefore, they created a language that is compatible with Java. In 2017, Google announced that Kotlin would be the support program added to Android. Kotlin is also functional for server-side and web applications. 

Pros & Cons of Kotlin Programming Language for App Development Services

Kotlin is a prevalent programming language for Android mobile app development services in India. However, knowing the pros and cons of Kotlin before joining the bandwagon is wise. 

Here is the list of pros that you must consider:

  • The Kotlin language is Java-interoperable. Therefore, Android developers can readily shift from Java to Kotlin for app development. Kotlin is compatible not only with Java but also with its frameworks and tools. 
  • Kotlin is a compact and efficient programming language because it has succinct syntax. Therefore, Kotlin makes it easy for developers to be productive. In addition, development and deployment take significantly less time. 
  • Kotlin is a more authentic programming language than other emerging languages. It is because Kotlin has undergone many Alpha and Beta tests before its inception. 
  • It is a concise programming language because it can help you write less complicated code, which makes it easy to read and maintain. 
  • Kotlin has better error messages than Java. It finds and fixes bugs easier. 

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Following are the cons of the Kotlin programming language:

  • There are limited resources in the market to learn and master the Kotlin language. Although the number of Kotlin developers is increasing, there is still a lack of proper knowledge about this unique language. 
  • Java is still more familiar to developers than Kotlin. Even after enough similarities between Java and Kotlin, it will take some time to get used to Kotlin programming. 
  • You will require to spend additional expenses on training the developers about Kotlin. It is because there is less talent to hire in the market for Kotlin. 
  • There is a lot of uncertainty attached to Kotlin about its future as it is relatively new. Developers are still unaware if Kotlin will be able to maintain its popularity for a long. 

While there are more pros than cons, it is still better to consider everything before hiring a Kotlin mobile app development company for professional mobile application services.

Kotlin Multiplatform – Empowering Uplift of Advanced Features

Kotlin has seen a drastic shift since Google announced it as an officially supported language in the Android operating system in 2017. But the introduction of Kotlin Multiplatform in 2020 has made it popular across every platform. Kotlin multiplatform allows you to operate Kotlin in Javascript, native desktops, and iOS. And one of the most noteworthy things about Kotin multiplatform is that it can share the same code among different platforms. This result in reducing the time of development. 

The new Kotlin Multiplatform plugin for Android Studio assists in developing cross-platform apps. Here are the two significant features of the KMM plugin:

1) Stable Integration with iOS – The Kotlin multiplatform plugin iOS integration has become more stable and configurable. Also, it supports the latest iOS tooling. 

2) Adjustable Project Wizards – Kotlin multiplatform plugin’s easy-to-use wizards to briskly create a new multiplatform project or add a module to your existing project. 

Many companies have switched to Kotlin Multiplatform all around the world. For example, Netflix and Philips are using KMM. If you want to build a Kotlin cross-platform application, get in touch with Kotlin mobile app development company for technical support services. 

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Advantages of Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile

The goal of each mobile app development project is to develop an efficient mobile app in less time. Let’s see how Kotlin Multiplatform does the same:

1. Fast Development

Sharing the same code saves time and results in much faster and easier development. When you build the same application for different platforms, the app’s authentication, data management, business logic, and analytics would remain uniform. KMM enables developers to share common code and develop UI code differently. 

2. Clear & Quick Code

If you are developing Kotlin mobile app, then you don’t have to create a new code for different platforms. One can share the same code between platforms. Kotlin’s interoperability feature makes things very easy. 

3. Community Support

Kotlin multiplatform is a popular language widely used by well-known organizations such as Pinterest, Netflix, Twitter, Reddit, and more. Java developers can quickly shift to Kotlin as it is fully interoperable and object-oriented with Java. Many developers started working on Kotlin, which shows the immense community support for this programming language. 

4. Single Language for Native and Cross-platform Apps

With the help of Kotlin, it is easy to use android apps on iOS devices without doing much modification in code. You don’t need to institute any new programming language into the codebase. 

If you are planning to build a cross-platform application, Kotlin multiplatform mobile app development is the best option for professional services in India. 

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Do You Need Cross-Platform App Development Solutions?

Every day many revolutionary technologies are constantly evolving. It’s hard to assume what the future holds. But right now, Kotlin is one of the promising technologies that most developers are considering. If you haven’t implemented it in your business yet, then you are losing out on something significant. Kotlin programming can help you in developing excellent cross-platform applications. 

While many tools are available for cross-platform mobile app development, Kotlin multiplatform mobile makes sharing code between the platforms much easier. If you want an Android app with cross-platform abilities, hire a Kotlin mobile app development company. Trank Technologies is a prominent IT & Software solution firm offering Kotlin app development solutions. 

It is a 10+ years old company with expertise in mobile app design and development solutions. We are a renowned Android app development company possessing brief knowledge of Kotlin and its top features. If you need Kotlin mobile app development services from a dedicated team of developers, you should get in touch with our expert developers soon!