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Seeking a trustworthy app development partner to build your first algo trading mobile app? Look no further than Trank Technologies for automated trading app development services that deliver an infallible market experience for your end-users.

How Does Algo Trading Work?


Algo trading or algorithmic trading can be defined as an automated trading system designed to eliminate the decision-making dilemma for investors. A number of algorithms and trading strategies are assimilated via a programming language to the core application. This custom trading software manages the buying and selling of stocks for the investor and executes prompt orders based on applied strategies.

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                  <p data-aos= The main arrangement takes place between the 50-day moving average and 200-day value. The algorithm consists of a defined structure that enables buying when the value exceeds the moving average. An algo trading platform automatically sells the stock when the moving average is lower than the 200-day value. An algo trading mobile app development company can impart this automated scalability with supreme perfection.

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  • Trend-Oriented Algorithms
  • Simultaneous Purchase Setup
  • Real-Time Exchange Rates
  • Algorithmic Price Monitoring

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Benefits of Automated/Algo Trading App Development

Before hiring our algo trading app development services, you can go through the following advantages to rest assured of the forthcoming growth of your trading platform:

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  • Algo trading mobile apps

    facilitate a faster and more concise order placement as per the given mathematical models and applied systematic algorithms.

  • Reduced instances of manual selection

    errors with decreased transaction costs allow new users to understand trading and explore more stock options online.

  • The availability of historical data

    makes it simpler for traders to enable high-frequency trading. Moreover, backtesting is another prominent benefit of algo trading.

  • Algo trading app development

    also comprises algorithmic price monitoring based on different time zones and exchange rates and offers accurate outcomes.

Why Choose Trank for Automated
Trading App Development Services ?

Agile development roadmap

Our algo trading app development company converts your strategies into a set of comprehensive rules and formulates an application that makes selling & buying decisions for your users.

Algorithm Implementation

Our association with the latest app technologies and trading trends allows us to streamline the execution of applicable algorithms and turn them into a functional trading app feature.

All-Encompassing Talent

We are accompanied by professionals with vast experience in automated app design. Our team has the best UI/UX designers, front-end specialists, project managers, & testing experts.

Exchange API Integration

We understand that API integration will set the course of your algo trading app and its usability among investors. Therefore, we pragmatically pick APIs for your trading platform.

How to Get Started with Algo Trading App
Development Project?


Share your project requirements to kickstart the development of your algo trading app from scratch.


We will get back to you with an extensive list of strategic suggestions to enhance the collective app performance.


Specify your preferences for dashboard & portfolio setup, charting tools, technical indicators, and sorting options.


Sit back and wait for a timely project delivery while our project managers stay in touch for significant updates.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is algo trading and how is it different from regular trading ?

Algo trading or automated trading deals with the use of programmed algorithms to perform an insight-based action. It is vividly different from an ordinary trading platform because it discards the idea of ambiguous decision-making. App’s system automatically buys and sells stocks based on market trends.

Are algorithmic or automated trading apps safe?

Automated trading platforms are entirely secure to use for new traders & well-experienced investors. These applications can be distinguished from regular stock trading apps in terms of convenience and automation.

What are the features of an algo trading mobile application?

An algorithmic or automated trading platform is customized through multiple mathematical and programming-based strategies to deliver the outcomes and then execute an automated order accordingly. Apart from full-fledged automation, some of the algo trading app features are the same as manual trading apps. Distinct charting tools, portfolio management, protected authentication, etc. are some examples.

Why should I trust Trank Technologies for algo trading app development services?

Trank Technologies is your trusted partner for automated trading app development services because we have diverse experience in trading and automation. We combine our talent and expertise to curate an unswerving platform for investors and traders.

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