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Create an Omnipresent Brand Identity with An Enticing Mobile Application

Both mobile app development and web development are two facets of a coin, and they both share equal significance in terms of online brand marketing in India. Even if you own an incredibly designed business website, you will still need mobile app development services to preserve your presence amongst the target audience. Your fully customized mobile application will make your business exist everywhere your customers are. Trank Technologies is the fastest-growing web app and Android app development company in India that can help you with your business app.

Our mobile app development services comprise design conceptualization, full-fledged development, and application optimization for various operating systems. Our team of the best mobile app designers develops a concept to minimalize the complexities of technical structure and finalize a responsive layout. After this, our mobile app developers in India build the application prototype followed by a brief configuration of all essential addons and buttons. Prototypes are shared with the client and the approved design goes through play store optimization for better performance.

Hire the Top Mobile App Developers in India for Your Business

Our app development team is counted amongst the best mobile app development company in Delhi for delivering projects on time. We have highly experienced app developers who are fierce enough to think out of the box and create exemplary mobile apps. Now that the target users you are willing to reach have smartphones in their hands, you can consider getting on board with a team that understands them. The transparent connection between you and your customers is a key to boosted ROI which is the core point of your efforts.

No idea is worthless if you have a vision to proceed and a team with a remarkable knowledge of various technology platforms. Our mobile app developers serve clients from India and overseas by creating the finest Android and iOS apps with complete precision. Besides this, we also provide hybrid app development and cross-platform app development services for eCommerce, education, travel, hospitality, banking, finance, and other industries. You are just one call or text away from hiring the best mobile app developers in India for cost-effective services.

Here’s How Our Sequential Approach to Mobile App Development Services Looks Like

Conceptual Research

Conclusive research on your project begins with a setup of navigation and various features. Our market research team handles the conceptualization tasks whereas the app developers gather the details they utilize in the development processes. In this segment, we also work on the design layout and color palette of your mobile app that can bind the sight of your users instantly.

Architectural Setup

After the conceptual research begins the part where we work on the architectural framework of your mobile application. Our qualified Indian app developers evaluate various app development frameworks to choose the best platform for creating a mobile app. It is an essential part of our mobile app development services for our clients in India and overseas.

UI/UX & Prototype

Once everything is listed in the roadmap, our mobile app UI/UX designers prepare a prototype of the app. We formulate the basic app structure of your business app that shows you a clear picture of your app’s usability and navigation. Every prototype goes through your confirmation before the actual development.

Core Development

The final development begins with a suitable app development framework. In general, our app development team works on Ionic, Xamarin, Flutter, Mongo, React JS, and other latest frameworks. Aside from this, we also take preference points from our clients to build the app accordingly.

Beta Testing & Launch

Quality assurance is a part of our mobile app development company India because this is what defines the credibility of our team. After completing the development part of the mobile app, our professional developers check the functionality of the app through beta testing and detect potential issues to fix them right away!

App Store Optimization

Now that your mobile application is all set to make an entrance in the app stores, it will require proper optimization to appear in the search results of Google and Apple Play stores. Our mobile application development services in Delhi also cover mobile app marketing that boosts the download rate of your app efficiently.

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Our Mobile App Development Platform And Design Services In India Cover

Android App Development

We create astounding business presentations through our android apps so you can utilize every single opportunity to get in touch with your potential consumers.

iOS App Development

Our customized iOS app development solutions can help you take your business to your customers overseas with the help of a highly flexible application.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

If you want a user-friendly mobile app with simple coding frameworks and manageable backend navigation, you can choose our Hybrid Mobile App Development solutions.

Cross Platform App Development

Our cross-platform app development service provides a wider space for customer reach through usable technical frameworks, compatibility, and multiple hosting options.

Progressive Web App Development

With cost-effective progressive web app development, we can build customized smartphone phone apps containing major features and navigation options.

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Who Can Benefit From Our Tailor-Made Mobile Application Design And Development Solutions?

Education & E-Learning

Digitalization has made it possible for teaching institutions to reach learners in remote locations and impart the knowledge they deserve. We can create a smart mobile application through which you can share a detailed curriculum of numerous courses along with the vast learning material with your students.

Retail & E-Commerce

Even if you have an amazing shopping website up and running with a consistent sales rate, you will need an e-commerce mobile application. Every user seeks personalized accessibility, and a fully customized mobile app is the only way to gain the credibility of your target audience.

Travel & Tourism

Your on-demand leisure and traveling solutions require a widened criterion of exposure to reach the users searching for your services. All those paid marketing and social media promotions aside, your traveling venture can utilize a functioning mobile app to provide amazing packages and offers your customers will be interested in.


Healthcare has shown a proliferated change in the past few years, and its dimensions have major components of the medical sector including equipment manufacturing, hospital supply, pharmaceuticals, and health insurance. Whether you sell medication online or provide essential medical supplies & equipment, you can use a mobile app for all vital operations.

Restaurant & Food Chains

So what if your customers can’t reach your location? You can take your finest cuisines and lip-smacking special dishes to their doorstep with the help of an active mobile app. Even if your food is great and services are amazing, a well-built mobile application will help them explore your menu and order food at the comfort of their place.

Entertainment & Communication

If you belong to the gigantic sector of entertainment and media, then you will better understand the significance of customized communication. Users these days consider a personalized mobile device to browse through an extensive selection of news and entertainment feeds on their phone for which we can create a perfect mobile app.

Finance & Insurance

Your upcoming future-oriented finance venture is just one mobile app away from becoming an easy financial gateway for your users. Whether you need an insurance app or a full-fledged financial management app, our app developers are here to help. Our best mobile app development company in India also covers finance and insurance-related app building services.

Media & Advertising

Media and advertising are the oldest means to reach the audience through a dynamic communication cycle. Our app development company has the best mobile app developers who can create automated application portals for your business. We create customized apps for media and advertising establishments.

Custom Enterprise Solutions

Workforce management can get significantly complex when you already have a huge list of tasks on your desk. Our app development team can create custom enterprise solutions to simplify the administration process. We build automated systems for shift assessment, time evaluation, resource notification, and more.

Technologies We Use

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Our Work in Mobile App Development

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Mobile App Development in India - Services & Costs

When you begin the hunt for the best mobile app development company in India, service cost is the first thing that runs through your mind. Evidently, you might want to see the overall budget of mobile app development services for your upcoming venture. Choosing the best mobile app development is one thing, but assessing cost-effective services is significantly complicated. So, what does mobile app development?

Usually, the average cost of mobile application development services in Delhi can range from 2000$ to 8000$ or more. But certain aspects affect the cost of mobile application development software for enterprises. The type of mobile application and the number of users are the major factors that play a vital role in the budget setup for hiring the best app developers for businesses in India. Moreover, the mobile application development cost is different for hybrid app development, cross-platform app development, and progressive web applications.

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Working with Trank Technologies was a game-changer! They delivered a flawless iOS app development process that exceeded our expectations.

Shweta Bhagat

Shweta Bhagat

Impressive attention to detail and outstanding technical expertise. Trank Technologies created a seamless Android app that revolutionized our business.

Aravind Malik

Aravind Malik

From ideation to launch, Trank Technologies proved to be a reliable partner, delivering an exceptional hybrid mobile app, on time and within budget.

Sana Khalid

Sana Khalid

The team at Trank Technologies understood our vision for a cross-platform app and translated it into a stunning, user-friendly app. Highly recommended!

Piyali Rudra

Piyali Rudra

Professionalism at its best! Trank Technologies guided us through the progressive web app development process, providing valuable insights and delivering a top-notch product.

Tarun Jaiswal

Vaibhav Rajvanshi

Our app's success is all thanks to Trank Technologies. They created a sleek, intuitive design and incorporated all our desired features flawlessly.

Hitesh Gupta

Hitesh Gupta

With Trank Technologies, we experienced exceptional communication, prompt delivery, and a robust iOS app that elevated our business to new heights.

Suraj Kumar

Vaibhav Rajvanshi

Collaborating with Trank Technologies was a pleasure. Their skilled team developed an Android app that captured our brand essence and delighted our users.

Vaibhav Rajvanshi

Vaibhav Rajvanshi


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Can I operate my online store with the help of a fully developed mobile application?

Indeed, you will need a fully customized mobile application to run a remarkable online store with all crucial features such as order placement and payment gateways. Though it is a user-friendly option for developing a virtual shopping portal, some technicalities might require assistance from a professional. At Trank Technologies, we have a team of mobile app developers who will guide you to build your own online shopping portal with complete ease.

How can I choose a reliable company for reasonably priced mobile app development services in India?

We believe that every business has something special to offer to its consumers. With this unique approach, our mobile application development professionals intend to simplify online merchandising for our clients. Years of experience and expertise in app building are some specialties that make us one of the most credible web and best mobile app development company in Delhi. With our reasonably priced development solutions, you can sell anything online hassle-free.

Do you also offer play store optimization solutions along with mobile app development and integration?

When you are using a reliable platform for starting your own merchandising portal online, you don’t need to worry about the play store optimization part. As compared to other well-renowned app development service providers, our team is known to be more sorted in terms of search visibility. Apart from this, our developers make sure to integrate the right set of plugins and addons as per the requirement of your online store. This way, your chances of being visible in the play store search can get better.

Does your app development services include an easy configuration for multiple payment methods?

Our mobile app development services are dedicated to helping you bring ease into your business strategies. We make sure to list out the best feature options that can make your app more user-friendly for your customers. Our development team will help you select the right configuration settings according to your business category.

Is it possible to change the theme or color patterns of a mobile application while it is under development?

Trank Technologies is equipped with the finest team of development professionals and they don’t stop improvising their work until you say ‘yes’. You can list out various key aspects that you want to add to your store, and our development team will take care of them.

Do you also offer mobile application migration and maintenance support solutions for merchandisers and small-scale online stores?

If you want to migrate your online store from any other CMS platform to a mobile application, then you can consult our development team for related services in India. Our budget-friendly custom development services also include mobile app migration and maintenance support.

Would I require a face-to-face meeting for starting my mobile app development project in India?

Our mobile app development agency respects the significance of your time. Therefore, we provide multiple options for getting in touch and commencing a stream of communication for understanding your project in a better way. You can contact us at [email protected] or give us a call at +91-9311397535, 011-46047508. You can schedule the meeting time and platform (online and offline modes) at your convenience.

How do you ensure the security of the apps you develop, including data protection and secure authentication?

Trank Technologies places utmost importance on the security of the apps we develop, including data protection and secure authentication. Through diligent implementation of industry best practices, encryption techniques, and adherence to secure coding practices, we ensure robust security measures. Our continuous focus on staying updated with the latest security trends and technologies in the mobile app development platform further strengthens our commitment to delivering apps with the highest level of security.

What services does your app development company in India offer?

Trank Technologies, a leading app development company in India, offers a wide range of services. These include iOS and Android app development, UI/UX design, backend development, quality assurance, and ongoing support. We specialize in delivering innovative and secure mobile app solutions on the mobile app development platform.

What is your approach to quality assurance and testing during the app development process?

At Trank Technologies, we follow a meticulous approach to quality assurance and testing. Our skilled team conducts rigorous testing using advanced mobile app development software to ensure optimal functionality, performance, and usability of the app across various devices and platforms, delivering a high-quality and error-free final product.

Do you offer post-launch support and maintenance services for the apps you develop?

Certainly! Trank Technologies goes above and beyond by offering an extensive range of post-launch support and maintenance services for the apps we develop. Our team of experts diligently attends to bug fixes, performance optimization, compatibility updates, and feature enhancements. Leveraging cutting-edge mobile app development software, we ensure seamless management, monitoring, and updates, thereby ensuring sustained functionality and longevity of the apps.

How do you handle app updates and compatibility with new operating system versions?

At Trank Technologies, we have a proactive approach to app updates and compatibility with new operating system versions. We stay abreast of the latest advancements and updates in the mobile landscape, allowing us to efficiently adapt and optimize apps for seamless compatibility. Our mobile application development services include thorough testing, refinement, and timely updates to ensure smooth operation across evolving operating systems.

Can you assist with the entire app development lifecycle, from concept and design to development and deployment?

Certainly! Trank Technologies offers end-to-end mobile application development services, guiding clients through the entire app development lifecycle. From conceptualization and design to development and deployment, we provide comprehensive support, ensuring a seamless and successful journey for our client's mobile app projects.

Can you develop apps that support internationalization and localization for different regions and languages?

Absolutely! Trank Technologies, a reputable mobile app development company in India, has extensive experience in developing apps that support internationalization and localization. We incorporate robust localization strategies, enabling our apps to seamlessly adapt to different regions and languages, ensuring a personalized and culturally relevant user experience.

What is your approach to app performance optimization and ensuring fast load times?

At Trank Technologies, a prominent mobile app development company in India, we prioritize app performance optimization by employing various techniques such as code optimization, efficient caching mechanisms, and leveraging lightweight frameworks. This ensures fast load times and enhances overall app performance for an excellent user experience.