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Android App Development Android App Development
Android App Development Android App Development

Enhance Your Digital Authority with Android App Development Company in Delhi NCR

Do you know that Android is the most popular and convenient operating system in the world? There are over 2.3 billion Android users actively using Android devices to manage their daily life operations hassle-free. It is the growth rate of the past decade, and there is a fair chance for this number to double in the next three years. The digital marketing sector is raging, and so is the scope of Android app development service in Delhi NCR. Some of the most renowned mobile app development company in Delhi NCR are specializing in Android app design and development services for a better experience.

The gist of this factoid explains that most of your customers are Android users, and your business needs a well-designed Android application to reach them. Trank Technologies is a well-known Android app development company that caters to full-stack development solutions for mobile app and web application development. If you are willing to create an application platform of your own, you can connect with our Android app development agency for the best Android mobile app development in Delhi.

We have a team of trained and experienced Android app developers who acquire expertise in frontend and backend application programming and can integrate a fully customized Android application for your business. Apart from Android app development, we can also design and curate a user-friendly structural base for your Android app with the help of our UI/UX designers. From selecting a suitable navigational architecture to configuring essential features, our Android app development service covers every pivotal aspect of mobile app building.

Our Android App Development Service in Delhi NCR

Android App Development Android App Development

Custom Android App Development

Do you want to design a customized Android app from scratch? Our team of top Android application developers in Delhi NCR with extensive expertise in digital technology can help you out. Our Android app designers will create an architectural wireframing for your Android app, and our developers will bring it into existence for complete integration. On the other hand, our quality assurance experts will handle the rest of the details.

E-Commerce Android App Development

Let your customers get in touch with your business through an actively managed e-commerce Android app. Our Android app developers can create an impressive online shopping application integrated with essential features and payment gateways for an effortless transaction of goods and services. You can also sign up for our mCommerce (mobile commerce) development services.

E-Learning Android App Development

If you have a knack for imparting your knowledge through an easily navigational digital channel, you can look up our e-learning Android app development services. With our tailor-made Android apps, you can manage a two-way platform for staying in touch with learners and making a difference with your initiatives.

E-Booking Android App Development

Need an Android mobile app development in Delhi NCR for designing a streamlined e-booking platform? Leave all your apprehensions behind and connect with our dexterous Android app developers who understand the diverse needs of your business. Our professional app designers craft highly interactive and accessible apps that your users can rely on for online booking.

FinTech Android App Development

Your finance venture is just one app development service away from targeting the right user base. Our specialization in Android app development is extensive, and the FinTech industry is one of the many sectors our clients come from. We design and develop Android apps for insurance, banking, investment, online fundraising, and so much more.

Travel Android App Development

We enable travel firms to operate their entire business with the help of a travel Android mobile application. We provide bespoke app development solutions for online traveling portals. Our traveling Android app development services entail personalized features, online booking options, contactless payments, tailored itinerary selection, and many other exciting functionalities.

Multimedia Android App Development

Are you willing to start your own entertainment platform for Android users? If so, our team of the finest Android application developers in Delhi NCR might be helpful for your next business move. We have a team of research connoisseurs who define various elements of your multimedia Android application. Our Android developers take care of the backend part, so your users never confront technical issues whatsoever.

Enterprise Android App Development

We cater to a wide spectrum of industries and enterprises with high-end Android app development service in Delhi NCR and overseas. We also offer enterprise solutions such as employee scheduling, automated office administration, enterprise resource management, etc. We acquire a team of Delhi NCR’s best Android app developers who make sure to customize the apps and reduce your workload to the maximum extent.

Android App Development Android App Development Android App Development

Why Choose Trank Technologies for Android App Development Solutions?

Passion for Creativity

Passion for Creativity

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Passion for Creativity

Our team of the best Android application developers in Delhi is filled with people who are passionate about their work. Our developers commence every project with an enthusiastic mindset that leads them to embrace creativity and professionalism in their daily performance. An ardent outlook helps our Android app development agency to provide better services hassle-free.

Adherence to Quality & Authenticity

Adherence to Quality & Authenticity

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Adherence to Quality & Authenticity

When it comes to delivering an assignment within a given timeframe, our Android app development professionals stick to the provided strategy to maintain the quality and authenticity of your campaign. While our strategy might be bound to your preferences, our team members don’t hesitate to think out of the box for bringing freshness to their creations.

Result Oriented Approach

Result Oriented Approach

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Result Oriented Approach

We list out the performance goals that you plan for your business, and then we work on our roadmap strategy to change these goals into reality. Our approach to Android app development is strictly result-oriented so we make sure that you can witness the outcomes you desire for your venture.

Complete Technical Support

Complete Technical Support

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Complete Technical Support

Your campaign development may come to an end, but our services will not! We conceptualize, create, and configure a complete Android application for your business to boost customer engagement. Besides this, we also provide on-demand technical support for any post-development issue that needs a quick fix.

Positive Feedback from Partners

Positive Feedback from Partners

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Positive Feedback from Partners

Our elite clients from Delhi NCR and overseas continue to bestow their trust upon us for integral Android app development services. Whether it’s a minor maintenance issue or a deep-rooted technical error, our team of professional app developers is always ready for assistance. The categorical response from our previous partners says it all!

Android App Development Process - Our Discrete Process Cycle of Creating Android Apps

The one thing that defines the exclusiveness of our Android app development solutions is our assimilation with service customization. Our research-fanatic project managers and the top Android app developers comprehend every aspect of your project. That’s when we begin to work on suitable prototype designs and adaptable development technologies. Our top Android app development company in Delhi NCR embarks on every new project after understanding your requirements with ease.

Android App Development

Understanding the Project

We understand the core concept of your android application to tailor our mobile app development services accordingly. A brief Q&A session with our clients helps us gather crucial insights for project development. Our experienced project managers collect all the essential data and provide it to the team for error-free execution.

Formulating the Basic Design

Our Android app development company has a team of the best UI/UX designers and developers in Delhi NCR that commences the wireframing and design of your Android app. These professionals work on the initial structure of your application to fix the navigation and content for an enhanced user experience.

Principal App Development

Trank Technologies has Delhi NCR’s finest Android app developers that initiate the core development process of the application. These are mobile app developers with a wide experience in various technologies and content management systems. These Android app developers take care of the API integration and feature setup in your app.

App Quality Testing

Our process cycle of integrated app development solutions doesn’t end at mere development. The principal development phase is followed by quality assurance testing. During this process, we check through the core functionalities, potential bugs, and user-friendliness to upscale the quality of your android application.

Concluded Deployment

Once the development and quality testing are accomplished with absolute circumspection, our backend app development team gets on board with the final deployment. We check numerous functions of the Android application in real-time, remove any residual traces of bugs, and then finally deploy the app through server setup.

Post-Launch Tech Support

Post-development android app services are also included in our broad array of IT solutions. Our partnership for app maintenance and update stays in order for our clients through cost-effective post-launch technical support. Our mobile app developers are always ready to provide technical assistance even when your android app is up and running.

Android App Development

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Can I operate my business online with the help of a fully developed android mobile app?

Indeed, you will need a fully customized android app to run an online store with all crucial features such as order placement and payment gateways. Though it is a user-friendly option for developing a virtual shopping portal, some technicalities might require assistance from a professional. Trank Technologies is a leading android app design and development company providing custom services in Delhi NCR. We have a team of android app developers who will guide you to build your own online shopping portal with complete ease.

How should I choose the best company for cost-effective android app development services in Delhi NCR?

We believe that every business has something special to offer to its consumers. With this unique approach, our android app developers intend to simplify online merchandising for our clients. Years of experience and expertise in android app building are some specialties that make us one of the most credible web and mobile app development companies in Delhi NCR. With our reasonably priced development solutions, you can sell anything online hassle-free.

Do you also provide play store optimization solutions along with android app development and integration?

When you are using a reliable platform for starting your own merchandising portal online, you don’t need to worry about the play store optimization part. As compared to other well-renowned android app development service providers, our team is known to be more sorted in terms of search visibility. Apart from this, our top android developers make sure to integrate the right set of plugins and addons as per the requirement of your online store. This way, your chances of being visible in the play store search can get better.

Does your android app development services include an easy configuration for multiple payment methods?

Our android app development services are dedicated to helping you bring ease into your business strategies. We make sure to list out the best feature options that can make your app more user-friendly for your customers. Our development team will help you select the right configuration settings according to your business category.

Is it possible to change the theme or color patterns of a mobile application while it is under development?

Trank Technologies is equipped with the finest team of android app developers and they don’t stop improvising their work until you say ‘yes’. You can list out various key aspects that you want to add to your store, and our development team will take care of them.

Do you also offer android app migration and maintenance support solutions for merchandisers and small-scale online stores?

If you want to migrate your online store from any other CMS platform to an android application, then you can consult our development team for related services in Delhi NCR. Our budget-friendly custom development services also include mobile app migration and maintenance support.

Would I require a face-to-face meeting for starting my android app development project in Delhi NCR?

Our android app development agency respects the significance of your time. Therefore, we provide multiple options for getting in touch and commencing a stream of communication for understanding your project in a better way. You can contact us at [email protected] or give us a call at +91-9311397535, 011-46047508. You can schedule the meeting time and platform (online and offline modes) at your convenience.

How to find the perfect Android app development company for my app?

You can find the best Android app development company for your app by looking at their experience, portfolio, management process, openness to innovations, and, finally, the cost of their services.

Why Android app development company is expensive?

The simplest explanation is that apps are inexpensive; the engineering and design talent of an Android app development company is costly. There are over a million different apps available in the Play Store. These were all created by developers, but the vast majority of them will never earn a dime.

What will be the cost of Android app development in Delhi NCR for a small and simple app?

The average Android app development cost in Delhi NCR for a small and simple app ranges from INR 200,000 to INR 10,00,000. This cost may rise depending on the level of customization you desire for your Android app.

How much do you cost for app maintenance?

A ballpark average that you will need to spend could be around as less as $20/hour to keep the app functioning perfectly. For monthly maintenance, every Android Development Company in Delhi NCR charges differently. It depends on the complexity of your project and the updates or changes you desire in your app.

What programming language do you use to develop Android applications?

Our application developers are highly qualified across different tools and technologies. As a leading Android Development Company in Delhi NCR, we build native Android applications primarily using Java and Kotlin. To build cross-platform applications, we utilize Flutter and React Native.