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Your search for the best e-learning mobile app development company in India ends at our proven remote education solutions. We assist independent educators and institutions with custom online learning services, e-learning technologies, and LMS tools.

Educational App Development Services in India

The educational sector has been growing in and out ever since the global pandemic made its way in our daily lives. The paradigm of fundamental learning has shifted from restricted classrooms to desktops and mobile where learning is far more convenient and manageable. This revolutionary alteration in the education industry has given rise to e-learning mobile app development company in India and overseas.

However, the e-learning app and mobile app development services of Trank technologies are slightly more evolved than an ordinary IT company. In the past few years, we have worked with the finest e-learning brands in India encompassing ICS Homework, a Haryana-based coaching app for government jobs. ICS provides its classes for students across India, and we assist the institute with unwavering technical support.

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Trank Technologies is a steadfast IT partner for all education mobile app development solutions that lead to seamless service accessibility and brand growth.

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We thrive on a multi-dimensional strategy to turn your business app into a full-fledged personalized mobile app. Meanwhile, our project managers stay in touch with you to update you about the ongoing progress.


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Our development team pays intricate attention to the right set of tools and frameworks for your business app. Our development team builds a strategic plan that can culminate into a functioning mobile app.


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When it comes to associating customer retention with operational techniques, we, as e-learning mobile app development company in Delhi, always put forward our scalability of technical support. Our undisrupted client support is always there to answer your app-related queries.


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Our e-learning Mobile App Development Expertise in India

Healthcare Services

SIMS Mobile Apps

SIMS Mobile Apps

We can build a student information management system as an ERP-like application for schools and institutes to easily manage the plethora of student data into a simplified yet constructive dashboard.

Healthcare Services

Video Lecture Apps

Video Lecture Apps

Experts at our elearning app development company create an educational application with all-inclusive online tutoring features that can be far quicker and more accessible with an online video lecture application where you can easily connect your students and synchronize your daily lectures into recorded video classes.

Healthcare Services

Corporate Training Portals

Corporate Training Portals

In addition to the educational sector, corporate firms also seek technical support that lets them welcome their new employees and offer comprehensive training using a network of digital data and information.

Healthcare Services

Course Selling Apps

Course Selling Apps

Like many other platforms available on the web these days, we as the fastest-growing e-learning app development company can build a personalized e-learning mobile app where you can create, manage, and sell online different types of courses with supreme convenience.

Healthcare Services

All-Inclusive Tutoring Apps

All-Inclusive Tutoring Apps

Amidst numerous forms of e-learning mobile applications, LMS tools, and technologies, an all-inclusive tutoring app can help you teach online, organize tests of various subjects, evaluate performances, and stay connected with students.

Healthcare Services

E-Book & E-library Apps

E-Book & E-library Apps

Our team of expert app developers can also craft e-learning mobile app that you can use to build and distribute eBooks and eLibrary. Our education mobile app development solutions are substantial, expedient, and steadfast.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What crucial features should always be integrated into an e-learning mobile app?

An e-learning app must be equipped with streamlined communication means that learners and tutors can use to interact. In addition, there should be a designated system for storing all the data that students will consume as recorded lessons and video classes.

How much does it cost for a school mobile app development or a coaching center?

There is a fixed count for the development cost of an online learning mobile app. Other than this, e-learning website and app development can cost approximately $25000 or more if run a coaching class as an independent educator. For school ERPs and corporate training portals, the investment number could go even higher.

What types of e-learning apps can Trank Technologies create?

Trank Technologies is an e-learning mobile app development company in Delhi that worked with industry leaders in the arena of remote education. With distinguished research, we can design and develop all sorts of educational mobile apps. Our e-learning expertise covers online assessment apps, a customized app for video classes, an all-inclusive app for student information management systems, and custom LMS.

What is the significance of an online assessment module in an educational application?

An online assessment tool can help an educator assign regular tests and evaluate students’ performance using automated techniques. In simple words, a custom-built tool for online assessment can save time and effort in remote tutoring.

What services does your e-learning mobile app development company offer?

As a leading education app development company, Trank Technologies offers a range of services for e-learning mobile app development. Our services include concept ideation, UI/UX design, interactive content creation, gamification elements, integration of multimedia, progress tracking, assessment tools, and seamless integration with learning management systems, ensuring engaging and effective e-learning experiences.

What features can you incorporate into an e-learning app to enhance the learning experience?

Trank Technologies can incorporate various features to enhance the learning experience in an e-learning app. These include interactive video lessons, quizzes and assessments, progress tracking, personalized learning paths, discussion forums, virtual classrooms, offline access, gamification elements, and seamless integration with other educational resources and platforms. These features can probably make the Best education app in India.

Can you integrate multimedia content, such as videos, interactive quizzes, and assessments, into the app?

Absolutely! Trank Technologies specializes in developing e-learning apps for education and can seamlessly integrate multimedia content like videos, interactive quizzes, and assessments to create an engaging and interactive learning experience for users.

How do you ensure that the e-learning app is user-friendly and accessible for learners of different age groups and skill levels?

Trank Technologies, with its expertise in elearning application development, ensures user-friendliness and accessibility for learners of different age groups and skill levels. We follow user-centered design principles, conduct usability testing, and create intuitive interfaces. Additionally, we offer customizable learning paths, adaptive content delivery, and provide support for accessibility standards to accommodate diverse learner needs.

Can you assist with implementing features for progress tracking, course completion certificates, and performance analytics within the app?

Certainly! Trank Technologies, a prominent mobile app development education company, can assist in implementing features like progress tracking, course completion certificates, and performance analytics within the app. We can design comprehensive dashboards and analytics modules to provide learners and educators with insights into their progress, achievements, and performance metrics for a rewarding learning experience.

Do you offer support for incorporating social learning features, such as discussion forums or collaborative learning spaces?

Absolutely! Trank Technologies specializes in school mobile app development and can provide support for incorporating social learning features. We can integrate discussion forums, collaborative learning spaces, and peer interaction tools within the app to facilitate knowledge sharing, group projects, and interactive discussions, fostering a collaborative and engaging learning environment for students.

Can you integrate third-party Learning Management System (LMS) APIs or integrate with existing e-learning platforms?

Certainly! Trank Technologies, a leading e-learning mobile app development company in Delhi NCR, can seamlessly integrate third-party Learning Management System (LMS) APIs or integrate with existing e-learning platforms. This enables seamless data exchange, content synchronization, and access to a wide range of educational resources, enhancing the functionality and compatibility of the e-learning app.

Can you develop e-learning mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms?

Trank Technologies specializes in elearning app development and offers services for developing e-learning mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms. Our team of skilled developers ensures cross-platform compatibility, leveraging the latest technologies and frameworks to deliver high-quality and user-friendly e-learning apps on multiple platforms.

How do you ensure the security and privacy of user data within the e-learning app?

At Trank Technologies, ensuring the security and privacy of user data is of utmost importance. We implement robust security measures, including encryption, secure authentication, and adherence to data protection regulations. We follow best practices for secure coding and regularly update the app to address any vulnerabilities, providing a safe and secure environment for user data in our educational app development services.

Do you offer localization and multilingual support for e-learning apps to cater to diverse audiences?

Absolutely! Trank Technologies provides localization and multilingual support for e-learning apps. We can assist in adapting the content, interface, and functionalities of the app to cater to diverse audiences, ensuring a seamless learning experience for users across different regions and languages in our online learning app development services.

What measures do you take to ensure the accessibility of the e-learning app for users with disabilities?

Trank Technologies is committed to creating inclusive and accessible e-learning apps. We adhere to accessibility standards and guidelines, ensuring compatibility with assistive technologies. Our development team implements features such as screen reader support, alternative text for visual content, keyboard navigation, and adjustable font sizes to ensure equal access for users with disabilities in our online education app development.

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