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Want to build a paper trading application to make the stock exchange feasible for new traders? Our app development company can assist you in building a simulated trading platform that delivers an authentic brokerage experience.

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How Does Paper Trading or Simulated Trading Work?

Paper trading or simulated trading is a new and intuitive concept that brings the process of trading education to an accessible forefront. A customized paper trading application is an impeccable technique for new investors to get along with the basics of the stock market without putting any real money at stake. It is a form of simulated learning that alleviates the grasp of trading strategies.

Since these applications don’t involve any real money, paper trading doesn’t contemplate the loss in any form. Users either win or lose while learning the essentials of the stock market. Trank Technologies is your trusted paper trading app development company that can help you establish your own simulated trading platform cost-effectively. We conceptualize apps with real brokerage experience and investment methodologies.

  • Methodical Investment Practice
  • Basics of Strategy Implementation
  • Understanding of Foreign Exchange
  • Familiarity with Various Order Types

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Benefits of Paper Trading App Development

Before getting started with our paper trading app development services, you can go through the following benefits of trading simulation mobile apps for your users

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  • A simulated or paper trading app We have functional experience working on trading-related app development projects, and we are familiar with the intricacies that affect the overall performance of trading applications.

  • Market trends Aside from market trends , paper trading apps simplify the understanding of trading mechanics, portfolio building, stock assessment, and other trading fundamentals.

  • Top stock traders recommend new investors to commence their journey with paper trading to avoid the risk of losing their funds while learning crucial trading strategies on a secure app platform.

  • Trading simulation app developmentTrading simulation app development is constructed with a motive to streamline the process where interested investors learn about the basics of trading via simulation.

Why Choose Trank for Automated
Trading App Development Services ?

Agile development roadmap

Our algo trading app development company converts your strategies into a set of comprehensive rules and formulates an application that makes selling & buying decisions for your users.

Algorithm Implementation

Our association with the latest app technologies and trading trends allows us to streamline the execution of applicable algorithms and turn them into a functional trading app feature.

All-Encompassing Talent

We are accompanied by professionals with vast experience in automated app design. Our team has the best UI/UX designers, front-end specialists, project managers, & testing experts.

Exchange API Integration

We understand that API integration will set the course of your algo trading app and its usability among investors. Therefore, we pragmatically pick APIs for your trading platform.

How to Get Started with Paper/Simulated
Trading App Development Project?


Share your project requirements to kickstart the development of the paper trading app from scratch.


We will get back to you with an extensive list of strategic suggestions to enhance the collective app performance.


Specify your preferences for dashboard & portfolio setup, charting tools, technical indicators, and sorting options.


Sit back and wait for a timely project delivery while our project managers stay in touch for significant updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is paper trading and how is it different from regular trading?

Paper trading is a stock market simulation platform that allows users to practice the trading process without investing any money. These apps provide a complete real stock brokerage experience and help new investors learn about numerous applicable strategies in a fun and pragmatic way.

Are paper or simulated trading apps safe?

Simulated trading apps are efficiently safe for the use of a new user who wishes to learn the basics of trading in an authentic market environment. These apps encompass monopoly-like currency, so users can practice foreign exchange, strategy comprehension, and investment effectively.

What are the features of a paper trading mobile application?

The features of a paper trading mobile app are not that different from a real stock trading app. These apps lack the involvement of money and real stock exchanges. A paper trading app development company customizes these apps to sustain their accessibility up to learning phases.

Why should I trust Trank Technologies for paper trading app development services?

Trank Technologies is the right paper trading app development company for end-to-end app solutions. In addition to talented developers and technology acumen, we acquire a proven experience in simulated trading platform development. The success of our diverse trading app projects exhibits our ascendancy as credible app developers.

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