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Trank Technologies is a fastest-growing HRM Software Application Development Company In India & custom human resource management software services provider to streamline workforce management and keep the track of essential operational activities in one place.

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HRM Software & App Development Services

Human resource management is one of the most crucial spheres of organizational hierarchy. Employee onboarding, payroll management, team assessment, rotational shift roster, and administration are some areas where automation has now become effectively imperative. In the United States, more than 80% of businesses claim to rely on HRM solutions to interact with the team and tackle employee management effortlessly.

Trank Technologies is a fast-growing HRM software and application development company in India with a specialization in time management software and performance assessment tool integration. Our human resource management app design and development solutions cover automation solutions for talent onboarding and verification, employee engagement, team assessment tools, employee social apps, and payroll management services.

Our Human Resource Management App Design &
Development Services

Employee Management Software

Our HRM app development company offers employee management software solutions that cover database design, staff record setup, & complete employee documentation.

Talent Onboarding Software

We also cater to our clientele with custom HRM software & app design services for hiring portals, easy onboarding and offboarding, background check, and more.

Performance Evaluation Software

In addition to talent hiring and team management, our HRM software application development services also include performance monitoring and assessment tools.

Payroll Administration Software

Our HRM payroll solutions revolve around compensation management, administration of employee benefits, tax deduction, monthly and annual paid leaves, HRA, etc.

Time Management Software

Our time management HRM software services in India cover shift scheduling automation, real-time attendance, time tracking, workforce compliance, and roster management.

All-Inclusive Workforce Software

If you want payroll management, performance analysis, shift rotation, and other features in one application, then you can consider our services for custom HRM solutions.

Why Does Your Business Need Custom HRM Solutions?

Active Employee Engagement

An optimized employee management system lets your team players partake in tasks via a corresponding platform. In-app chat and call options simplify the scale of intuitive communication among staff and elevate productivity.

Business Expense Management

Bespoke human resource management software and app platforms pave the way for fuss-free payroll management and benefit distribution which also streamlines expense tracking for businesses with financial limitations.

Regulatory Work Compliance

As a thriving organization, you must make sure that the firm and its workforce are circumscribed with nation-wise compliances and effective labour laws. A tailored HRM platform also guides companies with workplace compliance.

Simplified Team Administration

If you have multiple teams on a clock, an HRM platform allows you to organize a roster methodically. Human resource management software with team administration tools offers leverage for shift-related challenges.

Error-Proof Record Management

An HRM mobile or web application is all it takes to keep an accurate record of all employees in different teams, their performance through specific durations, and other vital information associated with the enterprise.

Hassle-Free Talent Retention

With a customized human resource management platform and its insightful features, you can also retain the best talent of your organization and keep the workflow running as smoothly as possible.

Why Trust Trank Technologies for Desktop App Development Services in India?

Prioritized Brand Needs When it comes to strategizing HRM platforms, our app design and development team keeps your expectations at the surface to resonate with your business requirements.

Platform Cost-Efficiency We are focused on offering budget-efficient HRM software and app development services. We help you with the structure of feature implementation as per your needs.

Quality-Bound Delivery Aside from conceptualizing performance-driven human resource management software and applications, we also test our projects for seamless productivity and user-friendliness.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CRM?

A CRM or a customer relationship management system lets businesses keep all their vital operations streamlined using a centralized automated platform. Numerous prominent types of CRM encompass strategic CRM, collaborative CRM, operational CRM, and analytical CRM.

How can I benefit from a custom CRM application platform?

An automated CRM application platform can be used to organize essential consumer data, simplify marketing and sales, manage business leads, & maintain an interactive relationship with loyal customers.

How much budget do I need for customized CRM application development?

Simplistic CRM software or a tailored mobile app can be created within a budget of $1000 - $20000 or even more, given the size of your enterprise. You can get in touch with our team to receive a definitive quotation on the cost of CRM development solutions.

Why should I hire Trank Technologies for CRM software development services?

At Trank Technologies, we begin our CRM application and software development projects only after understanding your goals and requirements. We keep our clients posted on every phase of the project while focusing on timely delivery.

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