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What is CFD Trading & How Does It Work?

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CFD or ‘Contracts for Difference’ trading entails the process of speculating on markets and the fluctuation in prices. In some ways, CFD trading is performed like traditional trading, but the rates of investment and profits/losses are calculated differently in this type of market data speculation. Leverage and hedge are some common terms used in CFD trading apps & software to infer the status of finances.

It is also known as leveraged trading because investors get to pay a slightly less amount per share. Then, there is a deposit margin that you set while opening a position. A maintenance margin is a price that you have to pay when your losses exceed the margin deposit. Also, it is considered riskier than conventional trading because both loss and profit rates are higher in this process.

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Powerful Features We Include for Profitable CFD
Trading App Development

array of markets

Access to A Wide Array of Markets

As a thriving trading app and software development company in India, we ensure to bring an entire array of market options to your CFD platform. Our trading development solutions deliver unhindered updates of commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies, and more.

indepth assessment

In-Depth Assessment of Finances

Technical assessment tools are considered the biggest assets of a trading platform. It is the simplest way to keep your target audiences informed of their funds and the potential benefits of an investment with the help of cutting-edge indicators and charts.

risk automation

Risk Management Automation

Aside from charting arrangements, risk management automation is also an imperative part of our CFD trading app and software development services in India. This feature of trading app development includes negative balance protection and effective risk control.

price fluctuation

Quick Alerts on Price Fluctuations

Price fluctuation in the market is a common occurrence and it needs to be updated on a CFD trading application to guide your users with potential open positions. Our app developers implement instant alerts to inform traders about crucial market changes.

Why Choose Trank Technologies for CFD Trading Software &
App Development Services?

Tractable Development Strategies

Our CFD trading software developers align their tasks as per the strategy set by our calculative project managers to meet the quality expectations and deadlines hassle-free.

Experience with Crucial Tech Tools

A brief history of trading app development projects in the past has allowed us to boost operational familiarity with technology tools that infer the credibility of trading software.

Post-Development Collaborations

Our CFD app & software development solutions don’t end at the launch of your platform on the play store. We stick to our association with clients after the development as well.

development collaboration

How to Get Started with CFD Trading App & Software
Development Project?


Share your project requirements to kickstart the development of your CFD trading app from scratch.


We will get back to you with an extensive list of strategic suggestions to enhance the collective app performance.


Specify your preferences for dashboard & portfolio setup, charting tools, technical indicators, and sorting options.


Sit back and wait for a timely project delivery while our project managers stay in touch for significant updates.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How is CFD Trading different from traditional trading methods?

A CFD trading platform is a lucidly distinguished digital platform where the rate of profit and loss is higher than conventional trading applications. As compared to ordinary trading apps, users get to make more profits without investing as much money on CFD applications.

What are some essential features of ‘Contracts for Differences’ trading platforms?

To make a ‘contracts for differences’ trading mobile app more consumer-friendly, it is vital to incorporate a vast set of market options. Along with that, in-depth market data analysis, automated risk management, financial roadmaps, and price change alerts are some highly powerful features of CFD apps.

Is there any benefit of investing in the CFD trading software development services?

CFD trading app and software design and development services can deliver their benefits in the long run. In terms of target user engagement, these platforms surpass the accessibility of traditional trading applications because they get to explore a wide array of markets.

Why should I hire Trank Technologies for CFD trading app development services?

Trank Technologies is your trusted IT technology provider in CFD trading application design and development solutions in India. As a decade-long thriving firm with a successful history of trading app projects, we ensure to make your trading platform as interactive and risk-free as possible.

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