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Welcome to Trank Technologies, a preeminent Android app development company in Delhi NCR, India. Our team of adept developers has years of experience crafting bespoke Android apps for enterprises of all sizes, ranging from nascent startups to well-established corporations

Android App Development

Why Your Business Needs An Android App?

“Every app is a new possibility!”

Learn about the advantages of Android app development for your business.

Open Source

Android is an open-source platform that makes it relatively simple for app developers to create apps. Actually, it helps businesses and startups develop more quickly.

Large User Base

Android is an incredible platform to create applications and games for millions of Android users. By doing this, you may connect with a wider range of Android users and enhance your brand's impression.

Strong Framework

The Android operating system includes all the tools you need to create mobile applications. It automatically enhances your UI on various mobile devices while giving you complete control over your UI for different device kinds.

Customizable User Interface

Android application management is simple and highly flexible. This makes it easier for Android app developers to make distinctive business apps for Android. It is simple to upgrade even the multimedia and data management tools.

Advantage Of Hiring An Android App
Company In Delhi, India

“Swiftly made, easily edited, beautifully deployed”

Indian app developers who work with the Android OS have attracted recognition from all over the world for their expertise. The fact that they price less than app developers situated in other nations is one reason you would wish to hire Indian Android app developers. These top app developers are also capable of producing outcomes on par with the greatest in the globe.

Here are 5 reasons why you should take Android app services from India

1. Access to Talent

When you outsource to India, you can find a lot of experienced developers to work with you on developing your app.

2. Better Quality

In comparison to internal app development, you can anticipate higher quality app development services if you outsource the Best Android app development company in India.

3. Access to the latest Technologies

You get access to the most up-to-date resources and technologies for developing your app.

4. Fastest Development Time

As you will have access to a team of seasoned developers, outsourcing Android app development to India would enable you to complete your project more quickly.

5. Security

The security of all data and protection from viruses, spyware, and harmful software are additional benefits of outsourcing mobile app development services to India.

Why Trank Technologies Is The Best
Android App Development

“Create, curate, teach. That’s the way we code.”

At Trank Technologies, we comprehend the paramount significance of having a robust mobile presence in today's digital era. Therefore, we specialize in constructing high-caliber Android apps that are tailored to meet the distinct requisites of each of our clients.

Whether you necessitate a rudimentary app to augment your business or a more intricate solution that integrates with your extant systems, we boast the proficiency to deliver precisely what you require. Our team employs modern tools and technologies to ensure that your app is optimized for performance, security, and user experience.

Latest Technologies That We Incorporate

When providing the best Android app development services, our specialists consistently
prioritize the highest standards. to employ solutions effectively, we incorporate innovative technologies.


In the cutthroat digital age, mobile selling has grown in popularity as a business concept. To help your business attract new clients and keep hold of current ones, we integrate various payment methods into Android apps.


Users search for a variety of features to get the ideal buying experience. The creation of mobile applications is being significantly impacted by augmented reality and virtual reality. We have extensive knowledge of integrating AR and VR into mobile app solutions.


Sensor-based automation has evolved into a key feature of mobile apps. We are utilizing IoT technology to its fullest extent to automate both corporate and personal solutions. IoT app development is a strength of our mobile developers.

Wearable Device

From health monitor sensors to fitness trackers, we have a solution for your wearable app needs. You may take use of a variety of bespoke Android app development services at Trank Technologies to increase business ROI.

Cloud Storage

In such a demanding world, cloud storage has altered how mobile applications function. We design powerful and adaptable Android apps that can store and retrieve data directly from the Cloud.

What Affect The Android App Development Cost In India

Users of mobile phones are breeding dramatically. As a result, developing an Android-based application and engaging with consumers directly are requirements for all businesses, small, medium, and big. A mobile application's development is broken down into several parts. Depending on the nature of the project.

Android app development cost vary depending on the number of pages, app kind, etc. It is crucial to identify the factors for your development cost which includes application types like mobile games, social interaction apps, educational apps, on-demand applications, and ebooks. Moreover, the number of pages being created for the app, UI/UX, application Infrastructure, and your business model will also affect the cost of your Android App Development and Maintenence cost.

Hence, it is prudent to engage a team of adept professionals who can furnish you with a comprehensive end-to-end package, encompassing all requisite aspects for a seamless and holistic Android app development experience.

Android App Services That We Provide

Native Android App Development

We provide a specialized, high-quality digital product with fantastic, intuitive features on a user-friendly platform. Get regular updates and development to meet the needs of a consumer base that is very responsive to our solutions.

Cross-Platform Development

Trank Technologies is home to experienced and certified cross-platform software developers. We offer a wide range of app development services for creating intuitive and fully functional apps that work on a variety of platforms and appeal to a larger audience.

Custom Android App Development

We develop dependable and expandable bespoke Android applications in accordance with your needs and problems as a business to make sure the apps are appropriate and achieve the goals.

Android UI/UX Development

Our Indian Android app developers have a wealth of experience creating engaging, dynamic, and cutting-edge UX/UI designs that draw customers and have the potential to increase revenue.

Android App Testing

The process of developing an Android application software involves testing it for usability, functionality, adaptability, and consistency. We at Trank Technologies make sure to take care of all your testing requirements for Android apps so they may be more effective & scalable.

Android App Support & Maintenance

With our dependable support and maintenance services, we ensure that your applications function flawlessly on all devices. It gives you high-quality outcomes that help your application improve user and client satisfaction.

Industries We Cater Through Android App Development Service In India

We have helped many startups and businesses from the following industries to bring their game to the field.

Android App Development

Process That Makes A Perfect Android Application

Android App Development

Filtering The Idea

Android App Development


Android App Development


Android App Development


Android App Development

Quality Analysis

Android App Development


Android App Development

Support & Maintenance

Our Proficiency and Acumen in Android App Development


Numerous Android app projects that spanned practically all industries have been successfully delivered to clients.

Bug-free App

Code written by our top app developers is clear and efficient. We always create bug-free apps and don't provide customers with tainted impressions.

Latest Development Tools

Trank Technologies teams are able to apply tried-and-true approaches because they have experience working with innovative technologies for Android app development.

Build Faster

Top app developers from Trank Technologies believe in offering speedier service without any delays, thus they plan early for the correct launch.

Dedicated App Developers

For any kind of project, Trank Technologies offers specialized app developers and project managers.


Working with Trank Technologies was a game-changer! They delivered a flawless iOS app development process that exceeded our expectations.

Shweta Bhagat

Shweta Bhagat

Impressive attention to detail and outstanding technical expertise. Trank Technologies created a seamless Android app that revolutionized our business.

Aravind Malik

Aravind Malik

From ideation to launch, Trank Technologies proved to be a reliable partner, delivering an exceptional hybrid mobile app, on time and within budget.

Sana Khalid

Sana Khalid

The team at Trank Technologies understood our vision for a cross-platform app and translated it into a stunning, user-friendly app. Highly recommended!

Piyali Rudra

Piyali Rudra

Professionalism at its best! Trank Technologies guided us through the progressive web app development process, providing valuable insights and delivering a top-notch product.

Tarun Jaiswal

Vaibhav Rajvanshi

Our app's success is all thanks to Trank Technologies. They created a sleek, intuitive design and incorporated all our desired features flawlessly.

Hitesh Gupta

Hitesh Gupta

With Trank Technologies, we experienced exceptional communication, prompt delivery, and a robust iOS app that elevated our business to new heights.

Suraj Kumar

Vaibhav Rajvanshi

Collaborating with Trank Technologies was a pleasure. Their skilled team developed an Android app that captured our brand essence and delighted our users.

Vaibhav Rajvanshi

Vaibhav Rajvanshi


Team Members


Happy Clients


Years Experience




Client Retention


Can I operate my business online with the help of a fully developed android mobile app?

Indeed, you will need a fully customized android app to run an online store with all crucial features such as order placement and payment gateways. Though it is a user-friendly option for developing a virtual shopping portal, some technicalities might require assistance from a professional. Trank Technologies is a leading android app design and development company providing custom services in India. We have a team of android app developers who will guide you to build your own online shopping portal with complete ease.

How should I choose the best company for cost-effective android app development services in India?

We believe that every business has something special to offer to its consumers. With this unique approach, our android app developers intend to simplify online merchandising for our clients. Years of experience and expertise in android app building are some specialties that make us one of the most credible web and mobile app development companies in India. With our reasonably priced development solutions, you can sell anything online hassle-free.

Do you also provide play store optimization solutions along with android app development and integration?

When you are using a reliable platform for starting your own merchandising portal online, you don’t need to worry about the play store optimization part. As compared to other well-renowned android app development service providers, our team is known to be more sorted in terms of search visibility. Apart from this, our top android developers make sure to integrate the right set of plugins and addons as per the requirement of your online store. This way, your chances of being visible in the play store search can get better.

Does your android app development services include an easy configuration for multiple payment methods?

Our android app development services are dedicated to helping you bring ease into your business strategies. We make sure to list out the best feature options that can make your app more user-friendly for your customers. Our development team will help you select the right configuration settings according to your business category.

Is it possible to change the theme or color patterns of a mobile application while it is under development?

Trank Technologies is equipped with the finest team of android app developers and they don’t stop improvising their work until you say ‘yes’. You can list out various key aspects that you want to add to your store, and our development team will take care of them.

Do you also offer android app migration and maintenance support solutions for merchandisers and small-scale online stores?

If you want to migrate your online store from any other CMS platform to an android application, then you can consult our development team for related services in India. Our budget-friendly custom development services also include mobile app migration and maintenance support.

Would I require a face-to-face meeting for starting my android app development project in India?

Our android app development agency respects the significance of your time. Therefore, we provide multiple options for getting in touch and commencing a stream of communication for understanding your project in a better way. You can contact us at [email protected] or give us a call at +91-9311397535, 011-46047508. You can schedule the meeting time and platform (online and offline modes) at your convenience.

How to find the perfect Android app development company for my app?

You can find the best Android app development company for your app by looking at their experience, portfolio, management process, openness to innovations, and, finally, the cost of their services.

Why Android app development company is expensive?

The simplest explanation is that apps are inexpensive; the engineering and design talent of an Android app development company is costly. There are over a million different apps available in the Play Store. These were all created by developers, but the vast majority of them will never earn a dime.

What will be the cost of Android app development in India for a small and simple app?

The average Android app development cost in India for a small and simple app ranges from INR 200,000 to INR 10,00,000. This cost may rise depending on the level of customization you desire for your Android app.

How much do you cost for app maintenance?

A ballpark average that you will need to spend could be around as less as $20/hour to keep the app functioning perfectly. For monthly maintenance, every Android Development Company in India charges differently. It depends on the complexity of your project and the updates or changes you desire in your app.

What programming language do you use to develop Android applications?

Our application developers are highly qualified across different tools and technologies. As a leading Android Development Company in India, we build native Android applications primarily using Java and Kotlin. To build cross-platform applications, we utilize Flutter and React Native.