Mobile App Development with Kotlin

How Does Mobile App Development Become Easier with Kotlin?

The world of app development has been facing a conundrum about the latest programming language lately. Among all discussions, Kotlin vs Java is certainly the hottest topic. While some app developers agree to the idea of using the Kotlin programming language for mobile app development, many experienced developers still stick to Java methodologies. Despite this disagreement, Kotlin has garnered impeccable attention in the last four years. Google has accredited it as the official language for Android applications. This post describes the use and benefits of Kotlin for mobile app development.

Kotlin for Mobile App Development – A Quick Brief on the Programming Language

Kotlin is one of those common programming languages app developers are talking about these days. It can replace Java virtually almost everywhere. It’s because this language is for JVM (Java Virtual Machine). JetBrains created this programming platform a few years back. Now, the company is trying to bring it to iOS and other embedded systems for extensive exposure. The idea is to convert Kotlin into a one-stop language for all kinds of apps.

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Kotlin has grabbed so much attention lately also because of the clean language design and helpful features. Instead of forging new concepts in development, Kotlin language focuses on collecting the most efficient features for a big-scale project. In terms of development, Kotlin has effectively replaced Java in numerous areas. However, Android app development is the only active field that utilizes Kotlin with Google’s official support. Major names such as Pinterest, Uber, Trello, and Kickstarter have used this platform so far.

Benefits of Kotlin for Mobile App Development

1. Limited Need for Code Writing

Busy developers don’t dread anything more than writing a new code from scratch. Most app developers build custom codes to generate custom modules. However, it is not a choice in some cases. Thanks to Kotlin and its feature, top application developers can manage both coding and its readability.

In fact, JetBrains built this brilliant programming platform with a keen intention to make things simple for app developers. All things aside, short and precise code is the only way to avoid frequent bugs. It comes with a framework that lets you focus on important aspects of app development. Mobile app development with the help of Kotlin is all about simplicity, readability, and ease of configuration.

2. Problem-Solver for App Developers

Kotlin programming language has its origin in the industry. It is created by professionals who wished to find a simpler version of Java with all essential elements still included in it. The minds behind JetBrains were trying to use IntelliJ IDEA with their technique. Their team of professionals even tried to find alternatives, but none of them was as efficient.

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That’s when they decided to come up with an option that can work everywhere Java can work. Interestingly enough, they were successful in inventing Kotlin for app development. Since then, it has become an ultimate problem solver for programmers across the world. App developers and engineers don’t need to stay stuck in meticulous APIs and codes when they could simplify everything with Kotlin.

3. Smooth Adoption & Compatibility

Streamlined Android app development is all about customization and product maintenance. And that’s the kind of facilitation that developers earn with Kotlin mobile app development. It essentially takes two or three developers to execute a plan that needs to be completed within a given timeline.

Another significant advantage of the Kotlin programming language comes from its compatibility with Java platforms. Despite using Kotlin, developers get the chance to access the complete Java library and use its frameworks. In addition, the migration of an application from Java to Kotlin is just as simple as developers would want them to be.

4. Technical Support for App Creators

The standard library of Kotlin is small and specific. It means that it has a limited number of extensions as compared to Java standard library. In general, heavy compile-time can affect the functional construction of the application. But it is not a concern with Kotlin mobile app development. At JetBrains, the team is constantly working on the idea of boosting the app development experience of professional developers with undisrupted technical support and a stable community presence.

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5. Multi-Platform App Development

Most people believe that Kotlin can only be used for Android mobile app development. But that’s not true. This widely popular programming language entails JavaScript support and operability between two different platforms. With this feature, developers can easily move the front end of the application to Kotlin and make the required adjustments. The founders of this programming platform have also added Gradle support for the easy creation of files. This way, developers can easily create Android and iOS applications with this language.

6. Security & Cost-Effectiveness

Kotlin helps in avoiding the basic mistakes happening at the time of program execution in mobile app development. It is one of the many benefits of the Kotlin programming language that it provides the supreme data security of users. Apart from the feature of security, this platform is also known for cost-effective development and app maintenance. Since the language is far more concise than other platforms, even the development process becomes faster with Kotlin.

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Conclusion – Using Kotlin for mobile app development simply means less coding and less time for project completion. No wonder app design and development agencies across the world are embracing this simple yet sublime programming language into their operational strategies. Trank Technologies is also one of those app development companies in India! We constitute a team of well-experienced app developers who can craft the actual image of your business into a native application.