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A hybrid mobile app, though looks exactly like a native app, works on all operating systems. Hybrid applications are built with the purpose to serve users on various operating systems including android, iOS, and windows. In simple words, a hybrid software application can be defined as an amalgamation of web apps and native apps. Top app developers explain hybrid software applications as a customized web app covered in a native app shell. You download the app and use it on your device just like any other regular app whereas its plugins run in the backend. In some ways, hybrid mobile app development services bring a minimal impact on the functionality of mobile apps.

Hybrid apps have gained remarkable significance in in-app store marketing because this app development model provides convenience for everyone. App developers write the customized code once and use it for different platforms whereas companies get to save time and costs on app development services in India. On the other hand, users get to experience top-notch accessibility and high performance of the app in numerous operating systems. Although, this app development involves the use of an extra layer between the distinct platform and the source code. This discrete property of hybrid mobile apps makes them slightly slower than ordinary web and native applications.

What is Hybrid Mobile App Development?

Hybrid mobile applications are just like other native apps with an aberrated deployment setup in the backup. Users don’t really recognize the difference between native apps and hybrid mobile applications, but it is a huge deal for those who design and develop mobile applications. It is an amalgamation of app building techniques in which developers write code for the application, and then customize it for the hardware of the different devices.

Now we are completely familiar with the basic structure of hybrid mobile apps and their unique development model. Let’s move along with the features, functionality, benefits, and popular examples of hybrid mobile app development services in India.

Hybrid Mobile App Development – Features that Make These Apps Special

  • Your device doesn’t need to connect with a strong internet connection to operate hybrid apps. Most hybrid mobile applications can function efficiently with average data networks.
  • A hybrid mobile app withholds the ability to integrate with the file system of your smartphones simplifying app functionalities for you.
  • It is easy to integrate hybrid mobile apps with web-based services. Also, hybrid apps come with an embedded browser that increases the accessibility to online notifications and other forms of dynamic content.

How Do Hybrid Mobile Apps Work? Hybrid App Methodology Explained!

Before jumping on to the principal methodology of hybrid app development services, let’s get a clear idea. Hybrid apps can perform like web applications, but users can download hybrid apps just like any other native app. Hence, the wider coding part of hybrid app development is similar to that of web apps. App developers write codes using HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS and then run the code in a shell structure.

The browser engine of the mobile device reads the JavaScript & HTML segment of the application. On the contrary, native APIs fetch the compatibility element with the device’s hardware. The navigation structure of the software application will be exactly like a web app. Though, its offline performance will depend upon the customization and coding specifications of the app.

Just because best mobile app development company in Delhi have gained prominence in the digital sector, it doesn’t mean that this model is entirely error-proof. Every app development methodology comes with a few pros and cons. This statement also applies to the hybrid app development process. Let’s compare some pros and cons of hybrid mobile application development.

Hybrid Application Development – Pros

+ Hybrid mobile apps run on various platforms and operating systems.

+ Hybrid app development takes a lot less time in building than regular native applications.

+ Native app development requires extra budget due to platform customization, but hybrid app development services are cost-effective because hybrid apps serve wider audiences at a time.

+ Software application launch and update are simpler in hybrid app development. Besides, hybrid apps effectively work offline and online.

Hybrid Application Development – Cons

 Hybrid app development involves the utilization of a single platform, while the other variants are embedded with the help of custom coding. This way, the quality might suffer due to potential bugs sometimes.

– There is a chance that your application will appear slightly different on various platforms.

– While the development process gets simpler, testing and quality assurance obtain complexity and time consumption for optimal performance.

– A potential clash between UX and UI of your app can occur due to platform distinctiveness.

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Hybrid Application Development Services – A Quick Comparison with Web & Native Apps

Fully customized native applications are built separately for Android and iOS devices. Users download these apps and connect them with the device hardware to explore extensive features of the app. Top mobile app developers in India and overseas write codes as per the operating system of the platform. App development companies build different mobile apps for Google Play Store & Apple Play Store, respectively.

When it comes to creating web applications, app development professionals mainly use JavaScript and HTML. Users don’t need to download a web app and they can use it on any browser just like a website. Well, that’s one of the reasons why web applications can’t render the hardware functions of your device.

And now the hybrid mobile apps! Hybrid app development services entail the process of combining native and web app development methodologies. The outer shell will perform like a native app while the internal structure will be like a web app.

Let’s take a quick view of the list of benefits of hybrid app development services.

Hybrid Mobile Application Development Services – 8 Undeniable Benefits

Benefits of Hybrid app development services

Reduced Development Costs

Hybrid app development services encompass unified design and deployment aspects that straightaway leave an impact on the budget. Hybrid app development costs are comparatively lower than native app development services. It also delivers ease of development for app developers because they don’t need to spend all their time in customized coding. Just one pattern of coding will do for all common platforms.

In fact, several selected hybrid app development frameworks allow app development companies to create a unified code base for all operating systems. Another benefit of hybrid app development allows businesses to release the platform faster than ordinary apps. MVP release and app launch in a significantly short span lead to better performance and ROI.

Native Interface with Manageable Backend

Mobile app development companies in India claim that hybrid apps are just as convenient as native apps. Hybrid app developers make sure that hybrid models can deliver impeccable user experience with the convenience of web app backend. Users can operate hybrid apps without any hassle while the backend connects itself from the device hardware.

It’s the decision call for app development professionals to customize the functionalities of the app as per the common platforms. From bug removal to the app update, everything in hybrid app development services is entirely ordinary contradictory to some misconceptions.

Undisrupted Performance

Most hybrid apps perform better than native software applications in terms of accessibility and speed. This is also one of the prominent reasons why hybrid app development services have taken a rise in India in the past few years. App development professionals build beautifully crafted hybrid apps that don’t suffer technical issues frequently.

Interestingly, some creatively crafted hybrid apps can perform even better than a responsive website. Well, this is a greater degree of appreciation for a technically advanced app development methodology. You can assume the high-performance capacity of hybrid apps from the example of Twitter. Millions of people use this social networking platform every day, and that doesn’t affect the speed of the platform at all.

Variations in UI/UX Designs

With 6 million competitor applications on the app stores, UI/UX design is the only hope for survival. A well-developed UI/UX design of mobile apps can act as a beacon of uniqueness. It can make your business app stand apart amongst the dense forest of cutthroat competition. Hybrid app development services allow you to adapt your mobile app in creatively crafted UI/UX designs.

You get the variation in your design and your users get the ease of experience. Digital marketing professionals claim that hybrid apps have consistently performed better in-app store searches than native apps. You have got another reason to choose a hybrid mobile app development company in India right there!

Offline App Accessibility

This is the most exciting part of hybrid mobile app development services! Hybrid apps offer offline accessibility support which is a plus point for users in rural areas. In some regions of India and other countries, data consumption is still an issue, but hybrid mobile app development diminishes this problem with offline support for apps. With hybrid apps on your phone, you can travel to any place you want and yet use the application hassle-free. These are some prominent benefits of hybrid mobile apps that make this development methodology a frontline choice for professional developers. Now that we have cleared up everything about hybrid apps, it’s time to look at some hybrid app examples. These are the apps that you have been using almost every day for a very long time. But you didn’t know that expert hybrid app developers work on these platforms to provide a seamless user experience.

Undemanding App Integration

Yours is not the only app your users will be carrying in their androids and iOS devices. There are many other applications smartphone users prominently use and therefore your app needs to be in harmony with those apps. Native mobile apps often cause issues because they are made for one kind of operating system. Hybrid app development services on the other hand come with the benefits of hassle-free app integration. There is no inter-app bug in hybrid apps that can potentially affect the performance of the application.

Multi-Channel customization

Another great feature of hybrid app development services is hidden in multi-channel customization. Since hybrid mobile apps are entirely customizable, these apps can support extensive platforms and operating systems. Although, the use of a suitable framework also counts as an influential element. That’s why eminent mobile app development companies in India thrive in hybrid app development using different frameworks to serve an elite client base across the globe.

Competence for Global Marketplace

Topmost app publishing and marketing platforms such as Google Play and App Store have certain guidelines that app creators must keep in mind. These application platforms contain millions of competitive apps already and specific guidelines help publishers categorize their business apps. Digital experts state that hybrid apps are more likely to enter the Play Store and App Store as compared to native apps. Aside from app submission, app marketing is also an undeniable aspect of your digital venture. Interestingly, hybrid apps get better global recognition and download count in the online marketplace.

Hybrid Mobile App Examples You’ve Been Using All Along


Gmail - hybrid app development examples

That’s right! the first app you open on your smartphone is a hybrid app. This is certainly the most premium example of a hybrid app development method. Use it on your android, iPad, and desktop to enjoy a similar experience all the time.



This app development approach is fairly trustworthy, and Twitter has successfully proved it. Millions of users open this social networking app like ten times a day, and yet it doesn’t decline its performance graph.



You might be surprised to know that Instagram is also a hybrid application. Now, think about all the amazing things you can do on Instagram, and evaluate the scope of UI and accessibility in this app development method.

App Stores

App stores - hybrid app development services India

Apple app store and iBook may utilize several elements of native applications, but their core structure is based on the hybrid model. Other than these apps, Evernote, JustWatch, Untappd, and Crypto change are also hybrid mobile applications.


Evernote is a hybrid app that lets you create and store important notes in the form of text, images, drawings, and web content. You can use it to gather project details and manage tasks on your smartphones. The app also offers a paid version for off-limit usage and enhanced features.


This hybrid mobile app example shouldn’t come up as a surprise! Because people have been using this super-efficient mobile app in India and the US for a very long time now. It is primarily a ride-hailing platform, but its variant Uber Eats is used for food delivery.

Common Hybrid Mobile Application Development Frameworks Top Professional Prefer

Hybrid Mobile Application Development Frameworks

React Native

React Native framework is mostly like React as it uses similar designs besides the JavaScript programming language. This framework is mainly used for its exclusively derived UI components. React Native is the most efficient framework for hybrid app development services. It gives the liberty to create indistinguishable elements in a mobile app making it effectively different from regular mobile apps. The basic UI building blocks in this framework are similar to android and iOS apps.


It is an open-source SDK option for hybrid app development services that offers extensive tools and technologies to build mobile apps. With the use of HTML5, CSS, and Sass, app developers can come up with robust web app structures. Ionic is powered by a massive worldwide community because of its MIT license and the availability of vast features.


Xamarin is undoubtedly the most reliable hybrid apps framework that made its entrance in 2011 in the market. Owned by Microsoft, Xamarin follows the implementation of common language specifications and infrastructure. App developers generally use Xamarin tools to build native apps. But its shared codebase allows mobile app development companies to fabricate these applications.

Ext JS

Besides Xamarin and Ionic, Ext JS is also one of the most preferred hybrid mobile app development frameworks. It is an enterprise-grade tool that allows app design professionals to build cross-platform web and mobile applications with significant ease. This framework has successfully managed to surpass its competitors because of the options it gives for application configuration.

Hybrid Mobile App Development Costs – How Much Do These Services Cost?

And now, the negotiation part! A definite hybrid mobile app development costs deduction is as ambiguous as regular app development service interpretation. While concluding on one price range is nearly impossible, you must be clear with your preferences for the application. For example, you should know what framework your hybrid app will best perform with and what set of features your mobile app needs.

Other than suitable features and high-performance frameworks, app development execution is also vital. But, there is one sure thing that hybrid apps would not cost you as much as native apps do. An average hybrid app development service takes 3 to 5 weeks for absolute configuration. The cost may vary between $5000 and $25000 based on the type of application. In general, the costs of hybrid app development services also depend on your selection of the service provider.

How You Can Find the Best Hybrid Mobile App Development Company for Your Project?

When you admit that your hybrid app is not a one-person job, you might want to look for the top mobile app development companies in India or somewhere else. But, how will you be able to identify the right service provider? No big deal! Choosing the best app developer can be intimidating, so you must consider the following elements:

  • Subject matter acumen is the foremost thing you should check in your service provider company. Technical specialization is the essence of a reliable app development company. If they have technically skilled app developers, you wouldn’t have to be apprehensive about your business app performance.
  • It is your judgment call to hire either a professional app developer or an all-encompassing company. You just need to know your requirements to narrow down your selection.
  • Look out for other services that you will be getting along with proper hybrid app development. An experienced company usually comprises UI/UX designers and content curators for complete project execution. If your app doesn’t need content or design specifications, you can stick with an individual app developer.
  • The above-mentioned element will help you sort out the app development costs. But this point will make you choose the best amongst the top companies. If your app development company assures post-development support, you can seal the deal right then and there!

Conclusive Thoughts

So, here’s the deal! The significance of hybrid app development services prevails with the incoming benefits that lie in the performance of your mobile application in the future. You have an app that runs on every operating system, and your users do not need to switch from device to device for using your app anymore.