Top 10 Web Development Frameworks 2022

Top 10 Web Development Frameworks in 2022

Web development frameworks formulate the foundation for a website that can serve your consumers online. Whether you are designing a regular business portal or an eCommerce wonder, these selected frameworks come in handy with a series of features and configurations. It’s no secret that the curation of a web platform takes a lot of time and a technical skillet. Even expert web developers spend hours in research and planning while working on a variety of projects. Fortunately, there are several web development frameworks with in-built options for developers that can open the doors for professionals in 2022.

High-end web development frameworks simplify web development services to some extent. Now that the digital arena is moving with lightning speed these days, the use of these web development frameworks will also witness a rise.

What is a Web Development Framework?

Every website is framed on a technical skeleton that comes with certain essential tools and functionalities to build an accessible structure. This ground structure of the web application includes navigation, API, distinct features, & solutions. Web developers choose a suitable platform to fabricate the architectural setup of a website and test the site as per the requisite layout.

Top Web frameworks also acquire some other helpful elements such as code libraries, scripts, utility programs, and other software. Professionals use these tools to merge various components into a unified project. 

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What are Frontend and Backend Web Frameworks?

Frontend Web Development Frameworks

Frontend web development entails the portion that’s visible to the users. There was a time when frontend developers used to create different coding for preparing every minor instruction. The invention of frontend web development frameworks has modified the way web development companies design websites these days. Now, developers can work on a pre-written coding structure and customize it according to their choice.

Backend Web Development Frameworks

Aside from the frontend visual layout, backend support is also a crucial part of web development. Backend developers take care of the core functionality and various features working on the website properly. There is a wide difference between the frontend web development frameworks and backend web development frameworks. While the frontend frameworks focus on the website’s appearance, backend frameworks manage database interaction, URL routing, and user authorization.

Benefits of Using Web Development Frameworks for a Crucial Website Project

There are a few benefits of picking a preferable web framework for developing a new website. This is why the top web developers spend day and night hunting for the most suitable platform for website development and streamlined server deployment. Let’s take a look at these benefits:

Rapid Development Process – There are two ways of website development. Begin everything from scratch and splurge hundreds of hours in coding and scripting or select the right web development frameworks for building a streamlined portal hassle-free. While working on a framework, programmers don’t need to design every aspect of the web application and they can accomplish every typical task with supreme ease.

Safety & Credibility – In-built tools and features not only save you a lot of time and costs, but they are also responsible for assuring the security and reliability of a website. Using the top web development frameworks for a web project contemplates the scale of accessibility and engagement you are willing to add to a business. Not to mention the aesthetic ‘X’ factor a web framework can align for a user-oriented web application.

Error-Proof Maintenance – The reputation of a web development framework hinges on the quality of features it can offer for your project. In the case of the top web development frameworks, you wouldn’t have to worry about the feature configuration or maintenance of the portal. Every framework has a set of guidelines and integration methodologies that make error-proof maintenance of the website even more plausible.

Steadfast Performance – Regular blogs and small-scale websites can do fine with average-performing development frameworks. But, you can’t expect the same from meticulously developed eCommerce portals and service-based websites. In order to make a website scalable without compromising with its fast performance or reducing any features, you will need a web development framework that supports all the requirements of your business. 

Now Let’s See the Top 10 Web development frameworks of 2022.

These are the options that have already gained a lot of preference from web development companies and individual professionals:

1) Django


Our list of the top 10 web development frameworks of 2022 begins with Django which is an open-source platform. With a principal architecture pattern of model-template-view (MTV), Django is based on Python language. The creation of the Django Software Foundation came into existence with an aim to help web development companies with complex database-oriented portals. This web development framework deals with the reusability facet of various components of the website. The benefits include minimal coding, simple coupling, quick development, and pluggability. Besides this, it also provides a different interface for an administration that one can use to manage reading, updates, and deletion on the portal. Its main features include:

  • A dedicated web server for convenient testing along with a validation system. It also has a form serialization that can accordingly translate the database as per the available storage.
  • The template system created for object oriented-based programming is accompanied by a coaching framework that can use numerous cache methods.
  • The authentication system in this platform is capable of extending along with an active administrative interface and automated tools for syndication feeds.
  • Django also has an internal dispatcher that enables different parts of the application for dynamic communication through custom signals.

2) Laravel


Just like Django, Laravel is also an open-source free framework that mainly works on PHP language. The structural dynamics of the Laravel web development framework have an MVC model that stands for model-view-controller. Numerous web development companies in India and overseas prefer Laravel over Django for its Symfony infrastructure pattern. Not just this! Laravel has been becoming a subject of preference since its commencement because of its database management interface. Other than this, application deployment, modular packaging system, and dedicated dependency manager are also some reasons why Laravel is so useful. Some of its features are:

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  • Packaging systems and object-related mapping are some of the biggest features of Laravel web development frameworks. The Laravel-specific PHP packages are customized for repository and ORM is designed for advanced PHP implementation.
  • Application logic is an internal feature for application customization that developers complete with the help of a controller for route declaration.
  • Query builder is also a prominent feature of the Laravel web development feature that offers direct database accessibility. You can explore various methods to program these queries and choose selectable caching effortlessly.
  • Other than these, reverse routing, restful controller, view composer, and autoloading features are also there waiting for development professionals on the Laravel platform.

3) Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails - Top 10 Web Development Frameworks in 2021
Ruby on Rails

While discussing the top 10 web development frameworks of 2022 and their features, skipping Ruby on Rails would be a bad idea. This is a framework developed on the ground of the Ruby programming language. It is an open-source web development framework that got its extension on the earlier language pattern. Hence, it is named Ruby on Rails. Web development professionals use this framework to merge with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and curate amazing web applications. the best features of Ruby on Rails are:

  • Ruby on Rails is a perfect web development framework for those who prefer model-view-controller patterns while crafting a web application. It makes the maintenance of the resource layer, presentation layer, and data layer fairly easy for developers.
  • The record-keeping and database management are quite reliable on Ruby on rails. Since it is an extension of a programming language, arranging SQL query tasks is way simpler in this framework.
  • Easy testing tools and faster configuration are also some aspects that you can consider for using Ruby on Rails for website development.
  • Automated deployment helps developers save their time on additional coding whereas simple programming language keeps the complexity at bay.

4) CodeIgniter


Like Ruby on Rails, the CodeIgniter web development framework is also based on a model-view-controller pattern. Since It is loosely patterned in the MVC structure, development professionals can customize the hierarchy of the model for maintaining the modular segments of the format. It is widely used by backend developers for its slightly similar layout matching with PHP frameworks. Nonetheless, it is considered faster and more accessible than other popular frameworks. Its extensive features include:

  • Aside from being a system of MVC structure, it is also a very lightweight framework that new web developers can easily understand and manage.
  • Query builder database support, session management, and data validation prove as the technical assistance for those who don’t understand the complexities of backend web development.
  • It provides a vast space for image cropping, rotating, resizing along with localization, pagination, and data encryption.
  • Most web developers struggle with full-page caching and application profiling which is not an issue at CodeIgniter. Error logging, zip encoding, XML-RPC library, and URI routing are included in this list.

5) Vue JS

Vue JS - Top 10 Web Development Frameworks in 2021
Vue JS

In this vast list of the top 10 web development frameworks of 2022, Vue JS is the one option that offers adaptability. Its seamless architecture and plan layout provide a component composition and clear rendering. The view layer has a custom interface along with advanced features for complex application customization. It is gaining the attention of the topmost web development service providers for its extendibility through HTML attributes. Let’s see the best features of Vue JS now:

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  • The overall framework weight of Vue JS is 18 KB makes it very easy for developers to install and use it on their system. This also opens the doors for search engine optimization and user experience layouts.
  • Performance and rendering are some issues most web development teams deal with throughout their projects. It offers a document object model for HTML page representation that simplified the page loading process in websites.
  • Reactive 2-way data binding is another major advantage of using Vue JS. This feature contemplates faster data tracking and component updates.
  • You can view and access all the components of your model through a single-page arrangement. Code readability, component assessment, and QA testing are also some other benefits.

6) Yii

Yii Framework
Yii Framework

Yii is one of the oldest web development frameworks on this list and is still quite famous in 2022 for its unique features. It came out as the solution for the drawbacks developers were facing in the PRADO framework back in 2006. It took almost a year to build this perfection, but it was a good deal for makers and users at that time. The latest version of Yii was released in December 2020, and web developers across the world are using it with complete dedication. Its features are:

  • Web service request handling and WSDL service specifications are the main features of this MVC model framework.
  • Web development professionals can manage data localization and globalization at this framework along with message translation, number formatting, duration modification, and interface changes.
  • A layered caching scheme makes page caching and content adaptation easy whereas error handling customizes the destination of log messages.
  • The code generating process compels with the XHTML standards and it works fine with the third-party coding structure.

7) CakePHP


Founded in April 2005, CakePHP became a familiar term in the web development domain with its amazing framework features. The framework was published under MIT license for making it available for the online web development community. But the actual effective version of CakePHP came in 20-6 with efficient features and addons. Developers can see the traces of Ruby on rails in this framework with a few additional changes in the latest version. Its features include:

  • The bake script and boosted query API promise an accessible layout for website users along with a well-managed administration panel for the makers.
  • Shorter RL syntax keeps the development chores for professionals concise whereas the comprehensive database support provides better usability for web developers.
  • The code generation in CakePHP is far convenient for those who are still learning the development along with router prefixes. The interface is compatible with both PHP versions 4 and 5.
  • Multiple templating options, flexible ACL, and fast catching accompanied by apache configuration make it an ample choice for web development.

8) Express JS

Express JS - Top 10 Web Development Frameworks in 2021 - Trank Technologies
Express JS

Express JS is one of those accessible web development frameworks of 2022 that are easy to manage for both learners and professionals. Aside from being user-friendly and understandable, it is also compatible with single-page web management and cookie management on the website. This is the reason why web development companies in India use the Express JS web development framework for building great websites. Its main features are:

  • A well-customized setup for single-page and multi-page development makes it a prominent selection for hybrid app and web application development.
  • The middleware set up for responding to HTTP requests is considered simple in Express JS as compared to other web development frameworks.
  • HTML page rendering and routing is quick in the Express JS framework that makes the URL direction in a website easy.
  • MVC structure and strong API dynamics are other major reasons why developers use it.

9) Angular JS

AngularJS Framework
AngularJS Framework

Angular JS is another major name in the list of the top web development frameworks of 2022. It is immensely popular amongst the best web development agencies in India and other countries. Web developers all around the world use it to structure the perfect web layout for a business portal. It is a JavaScript framework known for supporting multiple platforms. Let’s look into the best features of this powerful web development framework:

  • The model-view-controller structure panel of the framework helps create client-side applications. Combined with some extra coding, developers can add more attributes to the website.
  • The user interface in this framework is based on HTML. Hence it is a great tool to build well-structured and user-friendly websites.
  • Active community on Google may not sound like a technical feature, but it provides professional assistance from the experts.
  • Routing and two-way binding are some other prominent features of this framework that make it a popular choice in the web development domain.

10) Spring

Spring Framework - Top 10 Web Development Frameworks in 2021 - Trank Technologies
Spring Framework

If you are looking for a lightweight web development framework for creating a website, Spring is the right choice for you. It is not just another framework platform for web development. It is an option that comes with various well-defined tools for web customization. The features that make Spring a good choice for web development are:

  • Application management is quite convenient in the Spring framework. Therefore, it is considered the right selection for application-based websites with heavy and complex configurations working in the backend.
  • If you need to add the feature of the transaction to your website, then the layout of Spring can help you with your coding complexities. 
  • XML upgrades are also simple in Spring web development frameworks. The reactive programming models make it compatible with different web-based structures.
  • Web improvements and testing processes are also manageable in Spring web development frameworks.

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Final Thoughts

These are the top 10 web development frameworks that are going to rise in 2022 in India and other countries. Top web developers and certified web development companies around the globe will be using these frameworks to design digital marvels for the corporate sector. Do you need any professional help on any of these frameworks? You can get in touch with the Web development team of Trank Technologies anytime you want!