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Pay-per-click advertising is a straightforward method to connect the target customers right with your business and generate real-time leads. It is a strategical technique to make your way through the tough competition on Google and be found by the people who are already searching for you.

Trank Technologies is one of the leading PPC management service providers in India where we provide keyword focused PPC solutions. From keyword selection and campaign creation to ad testing and lead analysis, our expert team takes care of everything. Our PPC professionals have spent their fair share of time in the digital marketing arena and they are competently aware of customers’ behavior in the Google search paradigm.

Pay-per-click advertising is a crucial form of paid online marketing because it persuades your potential buyers to turn their choice into an actionable decision. Therefore, we ensure to create an effective ad copy for your campaign, so your target group can find you in the top results of their internet search.

Why Trust Trank Technologies for Result-Driven PPC Services?

Custom Promotion Strategy

Custom Promotion Strategy

Keyword research, market trends, & goals setup are several elements that we keep in mind while designing the roadmap for your account.

Dedicated Campaign Management

Dedicated Campaign Management

Our PPC experts frequently monitor the impact of each keyword on the business-related search & then formulate a strategy when required.

Extensive Keyword Research

Extensive Keyword Research

Every PPC management project at Trank Technologies begins with market research & keyword selection is a basic part of the process.

Profound Competition Analysis

Profound Competition Analysis

We mark the topmost competitors of your business to understand their marketing strategy & analyze the preferences of your customers.

PPC Advertising Expertise

  • Location-Based Keywords
  • Conversion-Oriented Ad Copy
  • Landing Page Formation
  • Guaranteed Lead Generation
  • Analytical Approach to Deployment
  • Dedicated PPC Professionals
  • Ad Campaign Optimization
  • Frequent Ad Monitoring
PPC Advertising Expertise

Our PPC Advertising

Campaign Copy Creation & Testing

After selecting the right set of keywords from a range of 1000 options, we create a fascinating ad copy that elaborates your business in an engaging way. This copy usually contains display and text in a proportionate ratio to generate an influential effect on your target group.

Add bidding for Increased ROI

Once a custom campaign ad copy is ready for PPC advertising, we put it on for testing to check its performance and manage ad bids to boost the ROI rate through paid marketing. We make sure that each ad copy can appear on the top results of the search engines to instill the redirection of buyers right to your business portal.

Ad Optimization & Targeting

After selecting an effective ad copy and keyword bidding, we optimize the landing pages and commence search engine targeting for final execution. Other than this, we also track down the gradual impact of Pay Per Click Advertising in Delhi on your business portal in terms of traffic analysis. We use these details to create an evaluation report and keep your business up to date with the latest search engine trends.


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