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Why is Content Marketing Important?

BLURB: 92% of marketers reported that their company views content as a business asset.

Content Marketing

Seth Godin said that Content Marketing is all the Marketing that’s left

Everybody wants his business to be endorsed exclusively and effectively. Don’t you? We all want to win and remain on the pinnacle of success. After all who wants to rank second or third? Keep your business on the avant-garde to remain relevant, interesting, updated and, more importantly, trendy and effective that can only be accomplished through Content Marketing. As said by Lee Odden, “Content is the reason search began in the first place.”

Why is Content Marketing important?

Content builds relationships. Relationships drive trust and hence the revenue.

Content is not the king but the entire kingdom of content marketing company. Content Marketing inculcates confidence and buoyancy about a brand by representing showing its expertise, dependability and fidelity in the market. It talks with the customers to satisfy their search needs. Content Marketing means turning the customers into heroes of your brand and work accordingly which sequentially drives amplified conversions. It is also a chief component of link earning tactics and retaining a distinct audience. Unlike traditional methods, it works on the principle of ‘pull marketing’ in which companies offer beneficial and insightful pieces of information to their customers without any cost.  

As the marketing channels are growing very fast and are highly effective, enterprises have started adopting a strategic approach to market their content. They all are reaping the benefits by persistently producing subject matter that informs, provides a solution to your problem, entertains, or persuades the targeted audience. With these strategies rewards are earned in the form of enhanced revenue. These vast intangible benefits are not easy to quantify and compute. “If your website was a city, there would be a highway of visitors flowing through it. But if you don’t know where that highway is, you don’t know how to guide traffic. You don’t know where to put the billboards.” as said by Andy Crestodina.

Content Marketing is an important ingredient of any marketing recipe mix. The demand and growth of Content Marketing have exploded over the last few years. A survey reported that above 70% of the businesses have increased their content marketing budget in 2016. Another survey by a Content Marketing Institute revealed that about 56% of businesses are willing to increase their expenditure on content creation. The famous blog platform i.e. WordPress witnessed an average 83.1m of new posts per month on their platform alone which was more compared to the previous year. Content marketing is booming. This article explains the vital importance of Content Marketing in India.

Why invest in content marketing?

Enhanced Organic Visibility & Traffic: 

Search Engine Optimization and content marketing go in chorus and many a time content marketing is made into SEO retainer projects because it is the content that helps in maintaining organic visibility, either by appearing directly for tail searches or indirectly by sustaining the primary category with additional information around forte topics. Nowadays, it is common to see various websites drive the majority of their organic traffic from the content orientated pages in comparison to the category, service or even the homepage. This growth in organic traffic helps the brands to render themselves into a new prospective customer and also assist their target audience with informational requirements. Being an authentic destination for the audience can lead to increased traffic and an increase in the ratio of conversions too.

Exhibits credibility to target audiences: 

Credibility plays an important role in driving site conversions. Before sharing your valuable contact information or precious bank details with a website for the first time, many concerns come to mind. Content marketing can influence users by demonstrating as you or your brand truly are the experts in your field and should be trusted before anyone else. Testimonials and reviews are a few simple content formats which are great to get insights and provide the social proof which infuses confidence in customers. Excelling with your content marketing can also aid to establish the venture as a proficient organization in their respective sector or horizon. The expertise and knowledge of the persons involved in the business requirements to be communicated through your website for which content is the perfect mouthpiece.

Demonstrate Credibility To Search Engines: 

It is not only customers that value the credibility, but also the search engines that do so. This is the reason they look to reward the companies that can demonstrate their authority, expertise, and trustworthiness through their website. The EAT principle of Google expressly minutiae the value they place on the exhibition of Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness. It is through this EAT system the web pages to determine whether they reckon them high in value or not. If this is a part and parcel of Google’s rank evaluation teams’ remit, then you can become certain it will be displayed into the ranking algorithms.

Appeal to Users At Different Stages: 

Have you ever saved a wishlist for future buying purpose? Customers save services, categories and even product pages for buying in the later stages of the buying channel. These funnel methods are majorly intended to allure users with an already clear and identified need. Content marketing is used to the target audiences across all the stages of the trade process i.e. from initial awareness to complete conversion. If planned strategically, content marketing can easily satisfy different needs, utilize various messaging and nurture the clients on their journey from one level to the next.

Educate Your Audience: 

Technology has given us far more informed consumers than ever before. Technology has also provided us with a huge volume of information at the fingertips. Unlike the old traditional method, these days, consumers by and large are far advance in the buying process even before they make themselves familiar with a business. They prefer to research and decide before making any purchase. Every user looks for additional information regarding your product or service before directly contacting you or your brand and if you fail to impart a positive image, you will probably lose a potential buyer or service seeker. On the other hand, there persists a problem if you supply complex knowledge about your service or product, so understand the role of content and its marketing very well. “More content is not better. What’s the worst-case scenario if we slow ourselves down and do some analysis?” said Kristina Halvorson. Try to keep it simple, short and easier to understand even for a layman.

Content Marketing Is Universal: 

Content marketing is omnipresent and various digital marketing service providers are working successfully across all the industry sectors and horizons for both the B2B and B2C customers. Medical or fitness-related products are not ideal for remarketing as no one wishes to see an ad related to sensitive private information related to them around the web. Not every brand is suited to edifice a significant through social media platforms. With content matter, there is always information potential clients are seeking out as part of their research.

Feed Social Media: 

Content is the backbone of a memorable and successful social media crusade. It is impossible to make people follow your venture across all platforms without an unswerving gush of engaging and entertaining content. It entirely depends on the content to engage users with you and consider your brand worth following. Content is the lifeblood of entire marketing strategies. But don’t try to fool the users through your actions of low-quality content promotion. Nowadays users are getting more astute which means you will need to devote your best to social media content. Content marketing is a fuel in the engine of marketing and email automation campaigns. When to switch on the fuel and when to switch off, is about nurturing the apt utilization of marketing automation to capture the target content users are more inclined to.

Target Forte of Your Audience: 

The better you will understand your audiences’ need, the more exact you will be able to develop content that appeals unswervingly to their dreams and motivations. If you have the best layout and graphics but bad quality content, you will face a low traffic conversion rate and less connected users. This requires considerable planning, premeditated thinking tactics and the segregation of your targeted audience. With unlimited highly saturated content on the internet, building a fine niche content that can appeal to distinct segments of the audience could be considered the best way to stand out among the inundated crowd.

Good Content lives longer: 

While some subject matter pieces are time receptive and others may die a natural death regarding significance or interest. Some content is evergreen that has the potential to be immortal in Google’s index. Such kind of content requires less pulling overtime. An additional plus of evergreen contents is no worry about crafting new content every other day or week. It becomes less demanding and more familiar on internet search engines.

Augmented Referral Traffic: 

There have been assertions that content marketing and various link earning techniques including guest blogging are inert but that is not true. The old school trend of Guest Posting has not lost its charm and effect on pulling organic traffic. Thanks to Google’s algorithm, it still grabs a large number of targeted audiences and has a fair conversion rate ratio. Sites like LinkedIn accept guest contributors and have set high editorial standards. These tactics can result very effective for your brand to bring new potential audiences and also increasing referral traffic to the website.

With content marketing achieving new heights every day, it has become mandatory for content marketers to maintain a quality approach rather than a quantity approach. Trank Technologies stick to follow an unbending schedule dictated by a set of several metrics to yield desired results. Trank Technologies dedicate the resources to build high-quality, comprehensive, helpful and engaging posts to ensure your brand is welcomed effortlessly and is heard above all the melancholy of internet marketing. We first think about you, then about the targeted users and do the needful with our experts with years of experience in this field. We, at Trank Technologies, try to personalize the strategies to solve the hurdles you are facing and engage users with your venture. Content marketing is a long term tactic and is not passing away any soon. Rather it is gaining pace and increasing cut-throat competition. Amid this Trank Technologies gives you a platform to persistently grow and achieve the goals of your venture. Find out how can we help you. Know more about Trank Technologies.