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Android app solutions that are fully functional and secure, tailored to meet certain business demands while utilizing the most pristine technology.
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Why Should Your Company Get an Android App?

Over 70% of mobile consumers worldwide use Android, according to data. Compared to apps on other platforms, developing an Android app may help you reach a wider audience.

Technologies have an impact on customer communications inside a business. And nowadays, using a mobile application to communicate with your consumers is the most efficient and significant method to do it.

Our Android app development services are made to fulfill an organization's hopes and dreams. To put it briefly, Trank Technologies empowers startups, SMEs, and elevated businesses to engage with their consumers by using the potential of new technologies. We are more than simply experienced in designing and producing robust, value-driven, functional, and future-proof digital goods across all Android devices thanks to our years of expertise in the field of Android App Development New York.

Why Choose Trank Technologies As Your Android App Development Company New York?

Evaluate how our Android development agency is diverse from the competition!

We have stretched the Android platform to its absolute boundaries over the past 11+ years. Creating applications for smartphones and tablets, our skilled Android app developers have also created whole unique Android experiences for TVs, wearable technology, and Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets.

Additionally, we have developed Android devices that are compatible with a wide range of external hardware components, we can access the internals of the Android operating system due to the breadth and depth of our knowledge in developing Android mobile apps. The amazing experiences we provide are almost unmatched by any other Android App Development New York.

Benefits of Collaborating with a Skilled Android App Development Company In New York

We guarantee that our clients' interactions with us are straightforward and hassle-free by treating them like members of the Trank Technologies family.

Dedicated Resources

Trank Technologies has a huge pool of resources at its disposal to satisfy clients' needs without sacrificing quality. Therefore, we are the finest option if you require a group of highly skilled specialists that will perfectly meet your IT and commercial needs.

Transparent Communication

We pay close attention when our clients speak. After learning what their true desires are, we succinctly offer our recommendations. We thought of ourselves as the friendliest Android App Development Company in New York, making sure you accomplish the goals that are important to you.

Serving Clients Worldwide

We work with clients from a variety of sectors worldwide as the top Android application development company. No project is too little or too big for us; with our Custom Android App Development New York, we can successfully run businesses of all sizes.

Concern For Deadlines

Our group excels in keeping to deadlines. We complete an Android project successfully and on time, paying attention to even the tiniest aspects. Our commitment to our client's requirements, budgets, and deadlines helps firms stand out from the crowd.

Large Team Size

Business analysts, talented designers, Quality analysts, and developers work as a team to create original Android applications. Our IT team members have remarkable knowledge and a thorough grasp of technological domains.

Innovative Options

We use your creative ideas to make your vision a reality. Your Android app will look amazing, be easy to use, and provide wonderful experiences for your users. Your App design, development, and deployment are all completed in the same location.

100% Transparency

Our team is exceptional at creating Android apps that are completely transparent. You, as a customer, are constantly kept informed on the progress of the project. When required, we believe in sending emails and doing conference/Skype sessions to deliver timely reports.

Constant Assistance

We provide our cherished clients with ongoing maintenance and support services to address any potential issues since we are supported by a knowledgeable technical support team. For any project question you have, our professionals will provide you with the best answer.

Get In Touch With Us To Know Android App Cost

We're here to turn a straightforward app concept into a fantastic Android application. It's crucial to evaluate app costs in advance before picking us as your app solution. At Trank Technologies, we make sure that our team of Android developers adopts a flexible and open strategy to turn ideas into reality at a price that is inexpensive. We provide you with a rough estimate based on a few variables for whatever type of Android app you want, be it simple, moderate, or sophisticated.

For a solution that helps your company expand and get to the point where it can be surpassed, rely on our multi-award-winning Android App Development Company New York. Please feel free to contact us if you would want more information about the price of your app. We give you a detailed strategy that includes all of our methods, technologies, frameworks, and other elements required for the development of your project in addition to a pricing estimate.

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Delivering Bespoke Android App Solutions in New York

We offer comprehensive Android App Development New York that assists you in creating a clear and user-friendly Android app for your company, from design through development, testing, and support. Being a leading provider of Android application development, we carefully consider and put our plans into practice to complete projects on time.

Android App Consulting New York

We take a customer-centric approach to ensuring the success of our customers' businesses because we believe that they deserve the best. We assist you in choosing the best process and IT strategy by taking into account your demands. Our team will provide the highest-quality Android app solutions to help you reach your objectives more quickly.

Custom Android App Development New York

Our talented developers will create one-of-a-kind bespoke Android applications by taking your company requirements and feature list into consideration. In the shortest amount of time feasible, we have successfully created Android apps with interactive UI/UX for several industrial verticals.

Hybrid Mobile App Development New York

As a top Android App Development Company in New York, Trank Technologies creates hybrid mobile apps that can operate on Android. Our hybrid app not only has a pleasing design but also offers fluid functioning.

AR/VR Mobile App Development New York

We create Android AR VR apps aimed at providing a fully immersive user experience. We can create completely functional AR/VR apps for a variety of industry verticals, whether they are startups, small businesses, or major corporations, with a team of technologically advanced developers.

IoT Mobile App Development New York

Utilizing Android APIs and technologies, streamline your company's operations with cloud-based, quick Internet of Things solutions. Your company will profit from increased productivity, better customer experiences, and many other advantages thanks to our cutting-edge IoT apps.

Our Industry-Specific Solutions For Custom Android App Development New York

We have 11+ years of experience and have developed apps in every major Play Store category. We are aware of the needs of various businesses and provide a variety of engagement strategies to meet those needs.


Numerous educational institutions that support children's learning have received our feature-rich education mobility solutions. We assist you in adopting cutting-edge teaching methods, which enhance learning and make the educational system more manageable than before.

Real Estate

The creation of several real estate applications that cater to the demands of buyers, sellers, and agents is one of our Custom Android Mobile App Development New York team's areas of expertise. Our real estate software solution will enhance user experience and make your application enticing whether you want to target iOS or Android customers.


Our mobile logistics management tools provide automation of your transport fleet and efficient route organization, making it simpler to do follow-ups in an emergency. You can successfully operate your enterprises with real-time freight service monitoring.


We assist you in managing, automating, and improving patient services so that you may provide effective medical care by utilizing the greatest features of Android technology. Our Android App Development Company New York team offers a comprehensive strategy to open up healthcare among the mass.


You may streamline banking processes with the aid of our innovative mobile banking and finance mobile application development services. Data is accessible via our mobile applications on a variety of devices at the touch of a finger.


You may improve operational efficiency with smart mobility solutions by managing operations, the supply chain, and inventories effectively. Automobile applications may be used for car diagnostics and preventive maintenance since they have extensive features and analytical capabilities.

The Process We Follow

We efficiently manage the whole Android development process, including conceptualization, programming, testing, and deployment of the finished product. We employ a clever strategy to operate so that our valued clients receive the desired outcome in the least amount of time.

Acquiring Requirements

We comprehend the client's needs and examine company goals in order to acquire all the data necessary to identify the variables affecting development time and cost.

Designing UX/UI

The current demand is for impactful design. Our development team creates sophisticated UI that is both aesthetically pleasing and useful to the business after thoroughly understanding the demands of the customer.


We conduct extensive research, then create wireframes for the project to specify the app's architecture. You may achieve spectacular achievements quickly with the aid of prototypes.

Quality Assurance

Every project goes through a number of quality tests to ensure that the outcomes adhere to all security standards, resulting in greater user engagement in the long run.


In order to test your project's reliability and usability across numerous platforms, we initially assist in deploying it on locally hosted servers. Any problems or defects are immediately resolved in accordance with the needs.


Even after the project is over, we provide ongoing maintenance support to guarantee that the applications are continually updated in accordance with changing business requirements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does an Android app development company do?

An Android app development company manages the full app development process, including ideation, design, coding, testing, and deployment, assuring a smooth user experience and fulfilling clients' particular needs.

What is the difference between Android app and ios app development?

iOS apps are written in Swift, a programming language available solely from Apple. In contrast, Android applications frequently make use of more sophisticated coding languages because they are created in Kotlin and Java. Additionally, Android apps can operate on any Android phone, but iOS apps can only work on iPhones.

What programming language is used for Android apps?

Java and Kotlin are used to develop Android apps.

What is the cost of developing an Android app?

The cost of an app is difficult to estimate precisely because numerous factors, including complexity, user experience, and other factors, affect the price of your app. However, you may give us a call to get a ballpark estimate on the app for your concept.

How to choose the best Android app development company in the USA?

Examine their portfolio, client testimonials, area of specialty, and technological prowess before selecting the top Android app development company in the USA. To guarantee a great app development experience, look for a business that offers personalized solutions, open communication, prompt delivery, and continuing support.