Trank Technologies brings to you myriad services for PC repair and performance optimization. These can be broadly categorized into the following: Branded computer and related peripheral support

  • Computer help
  • Internet support
  • Wireless support
  • Operating system support
  • PC / Laptop repair
  • Computer optimization
  • PC peripheral support
  • Printers, Scanners & Digital Cameras

All the services as listed above cater to specific technical support needs of the clients. For your branded personal computers or laptops the search for online PC repair services ends here. Whether it is Dell or Hewlett Packard, our experts can look into all the PC problems.

Also, as the Microsoft Operating System is used by many computer users around the world, our certified experts can assist you if and when you experience boot problems or see blue screen errors. Computer help is now available over the phone or through email support. With our remote access services we take control of the entire process of PC problem resolution. Internet has become extremely popular over the years. For communication and to make use of online services we need the internet. Browsing issues come in the form of problems with the internet browser, slow internet speed, etc. With our internet support services you can quickly get back to using the internet.

If slow PC problems are impacting the normal PC usage then our PC performance optimization services will ensure that your PC runs at its peak. Windows Migration Support is available too in case you are having a difficulty with the same.


Installing new application will make changes to your computer. It requires a step by step process; one misstep can ruin the whole process; and can cause damage to your computer or any connected devices. There are some programs that can be executed by simply copying and executing them. However, other programs need installation procedure. Once the program is installed in your computer you can use that again and again.

We at Trank Technologies has all the expertise to set up and install any utilities or applications and customize your user settings so it will be easier for you to manage your programs.

Your personal technician will:
  • Make sure that the required system requirements are present
  • Check for application compatibility
  • Create a program files and folders for you
  • Configure the installed application to your computer
  • Make the installed application accessible to you by creating links or shortcuts
  • Activate the product
  • Provide assistance on how to use the program
We can set up and install:
  • Printer and other computer peripherals
  • Microsoft Product
  • All brands of applications
  • Popular third party applications
  • Operating System for PC and Mac
  • Other devices application e.g. digicam, printer etc.

Your personal technician at Trank Technologies will make sure that the application will be installed properly and be available for you as soon as possible. Forget about the stress and let us assist every step of the way; all you need to do is to kick back and relax.

Data Protection

Every one of us has important data stored on our computer. Those data could be for personal or business used but the protection would be your responsibility. We can help you protect your data as we will show you how to back up your documents, files, pictures, videos, etc. You never know what can happen to your computer and to those data stored on it but rest assured that we will help back up your data.

Your personal technician will:
  • Secure all your files, folders, pictures, videos, etc.
  • Protect your computer against errors, these errors can damage your files
  • Set up your firewall, this will stop outsider to see your data
  • Keep your OS updated
  • Set up back up on internal or external drives
  • Set up an online backup system

We at Trank Technologies will make sure that you will have a peace of mind that your computer data will be protected and secured and whatever happens to your computer your data will be saved.

Don't be one of those people who cry over lost of computer data or who spends too much money on data recovery, which may or may not work. We are here to help you. We know that data on your computer could be something priceless that's why we value it as much as you do. Make the best choice now and protect the files, folders, videos, pictures, etc and ensure your peace of mind.

PC Protection

Computer is a part of our everyday life. It's one of the most dependable device all over the world; however, there is no guarantee that all the data stored in your computer and all the things you shared over the internet is safe. That's why PC protection is very important and is a must.

Trank Technologies will make sure that your computer will be fully protected against any online attack. We can provide a complete system scan and instantly remove any threat that we detect. All of our technicians has the expertise in removing any types of threat.

Your personal technician will:
  • Run a full system scan
  • Quarantine anything suspicious
  • Remove all the threats in your computer
  • Repair the infected files or program
  • Clean your computer
  • Update your protection and edit your security setting
  • Optimize your pc
Signs that your PC is infected:
  • Slow performance of your PC
  • Pop-up windows attack
  • You can't access your folder options or the preferences are read only
  • Some of your settings have changed without your intervention
  • You're randomly connected to various websites
  • Program failure, or inexplicable errors
  • System functions unavailable

If your computer has been infected it may lead to a system crash down or stealing of your personal data. Trank Technologies Engineers will remove all the errors & threats that have been detected and provide you the complete protection that you need. If needed, we will also update your current OS and settings of your firewall so it will be more compatible with your other programs.

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