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Local Seo

Local Seo

Want to be ranked number one among your top competitors on Google Search Engine? You are in the right place! Do You people have any clue, how Local SEO efforts are translating into leads? what is Local SEO? So, Local SEO is a process of optimizing your online store to attract more business from local searches. You people have no idea how important Google search is for businesses.

We all search for " coffee near us" or " salon near us" do you know how the results are shown? What are the criteria on the basis on which they come first on your list no matter where you search either google or google maps or google assistant? For the same, it is important to be ranked good and fulfilling all the criteria of local SEO. According to the results, almost 55% of the total population get attracts via local SEO results. If you have a good ranking based on local SEO, you can reach success in terms of digital marketing or marketing business. Importantly many of the users use mobile phones for their daily purposes. So, it becomes a necessity to design the online store as per user needs and requirements.

Some of the tips to ensure better local SEO for your online stores are

Always use keywords - it becomes necessary to use certain keywords like "shop near me", " takeaway", "closed hours", " open", etc. These keywords play a major role in ranking and attracting audiences to the shop. Not only keywords but to ensure a healthy relationship with the users you need to provide service in location (SiL). It becomes easy for the user to reach to you and take your services.

You need to have Google Autocomplete. This will take a primary note and complete your search suggestions. It will provide an easy choice for the users.

Don't only be limited to google, be on Apple Maps and Bing place's listing as well - 

It is necessary to be on the list of Apple Maps and Bing places also. It is not too difficult to step up your online business store on Apple/google/ Bing. 

One of the basic tools to use is - GOOGLE MY BUSINESS. 

You don't need to do much. You just need to follow the steps to register yourself on google my business:

  1. Enter the name of your online store.
  2. Mention your address.
  3. Enter your exact location.
  4. Select a category for your business profile.
  5. Enter your phone no. and mail id.
  6. Verify your listing by Google.
  7. Further, Optimize your listing.


Another tool you can use is BING PLACES.

This is as important as Google my business.

You need to follow the steps given below.

  1. You have to check that if you are already listed or not.
  2. Enter your business type.
  3. Enter some basic information.
  4. You need to add your phone no, website, Facebook link, Instagram link and TripAdvisor link.
  5. Add images.

That is, it, you are done!

Another tool that you can use is APPLEMAP

Apple user shares 32% of the market business. 

The benefit of using Apple map is that it is pretty secretive and it is built-in Siri and Spotlight searches.

On-page SEO is important as well!

It becomes very important to set up your website structure to rank local landing pages if you want to serve multiple areas and cities.

Another thing you need to do is to optimize your homepage. Showing NAP location is a bane to your ranking. Also, optimize your local landing page. You can also add SchemaApp which is a very useful tool for implementing the schema mark-up on your marketing site.

Build up your link for local sites

Okay, so "link signals" are the most important point. You need to create or promote a useful resource by providing them with a link. You can provide the link to other big sites and get be benefited through this. For the same, you need to improve your popular content which is commonly known as the Skyscraper technique. Another useful trick to improve local business is to steal a link from your competitor's site with links intersect. You need to carry on with this link idea for further growth.

Always provide a review and help center section to your audience

Yes, the audience is the only key to success in this digital marketing field. Without the audience, you cannot decide your growth and development of the business or if you're an online store. You need to keep an eye on your customer reviews. How they are coping difficulties with your site and what are issues they are facing. They sometimes suggest a better idea for your site improvement. You need to reply to their actions and comment upon their activities for better interaction. Answer their every comment and write within 300 words for a satisfactory explanation. Always try to publish new content on your site daily.

And you are done! What else you want? For having a better rank on local SEO, your online reputation is very important and if you want to achieve

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